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  1. Skripts look pretty clean, good forum page layout, developer seems friendly and mature. Will defo be requesting your services very soon
  2. Hello Harris, what previous experience have you had?
  3. take a screenshot or send your logs here
  4. If i understand you correctly wouldn't you just do command /test: add 1 to {test} send "%{test}%"
  5. How much are you willing to pay for this?
  6. Hi basically BSkyblock has 0 addons and no way of adding important addons such as Island Levels and challenges. These all Support 1.14 and work with the latest version of BSkyblock. All you have to do is drop the .jar file into the addons folder inside BentoBox but as we can not upload .jar files we cant make BSkyblock a feature heavy plugin like its competitors uSkyblock and EpicSkyblock which both have their flaws : You can find these adddons here at https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/BentoBox It is fine if all cannot be added however the essential ones with their respective reasons are: Level: One of the main points of Skyblock is to level up your island and win a Paypal reward which most servers are now doing. Challenges: Players need challenges as it gives them something to do MagicCobblestoneGenerator: Every player makes a cobblestone generator when creating an island, It spices it up IslandFly: Some servers dont wish to allow players to have permanent fly so being able to fly just on your island is quite nice! Greenhouse: Does look pretty cool I cant lie. No other reason that should be added lol Thanks for reading and considering, This is my first suggestion so excuse me if I have done something wrong like put it in the wrong place or not included enough information. Hopefully this can be added quite soon. Have a nice night
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