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  1. General & Content Changes: + There is now a 30% Off Christmas Sale (All store messages have been updated to include this) + Added the command "/bin" back as it was listed as a VIP perk on the store. + Added a teleport pad in spawn that takes people to the combat zone - The combat zone wasn't being used very often and we're hoping this will increase how many people use it. Balance Changes: + Slightly decreased chance of getting VIP rank from plexwell. + Changed how the level blocks work on armour types. - Instead of being separated in to armour types (leather,
  2. Hey, thanks for apply. Sadly we've decided to deny your developer application. If you want more details feel free to message me on discord.
  3. General & Content Changes: + NEW Knight NPC's that guard the obsidian mines (currently in beta and can under go through some nerfs or buffs) + Crafting table temporarily disabled, we released a small version of it but it had a few bugs so we've had to disable it for now. + NEW Obsidian King quest has been added (located in the Icey biome) with another 5 unique trades. - Trade 1 obsidian for 8 diamonds. - Trade 2 obsidian for 8 poisonous arrows. - Trade 2 obsidian for 1 rotten egg. - Trade 24 obsidian for a knockback bamboo stick. - Trade 64 obsidian for
  4. General & Content Changes: + Ability Crafter has been released with a currently limited use. - The ability to craft needed items/abilities has been added but abilities can't be added to weapons or used yet. - We will keep rolling out features to the ability crafter as time goes on. + Items that have expired or cancelled in the auction house now have a 1 day collection time instead of 10 days. + You can now win VIP rank from the plex well (seasonal) Balance Changes: + Freezing Snowball price decreased from 64 coal to 16 coal each. PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.19) - 06/12/20
  5. General & Content Changes: + Iron Master Quest NPC (Includes 5 more trades). - Trident of Loyalty 3 - Iron Sword of sharpness 1 and speedy 1 - Chorus Fruit - Bow of Infinity 1 - Gold Ingots + Messages that contain a high % of upper case letters will now be forced into lowercase. + Added /cavern as an alias to /caverns. Balance Changes: + Jump boost potion changed from jump boost 1 to jump boost 2. Bug Fixes: + Possibly fixed a bug that was resulting in down grading weapons. (still being tested). + Frozen players can now use the /discord command w
  6. General & Content Changes: + Anticheat added (many optimisations being made as we go on in time). + You can now cancel coinflips in /cf. + Added scrap metal to the boss drops (will be used in the ability crafter when it's released). + NEW Clan revamps, with clan chat, logs, etc... (Perks coming soon) Balance Changes: + Made a change to clans where a clan above level 15 now gains +2500 xp requirement per level Bug Fixes: + Fixed a bug where the combat log would display to be expired when it actually wasn't. + Fixed a bug that resulted in players not getting kill stats when k
  7. Accepted, you'll be invited to a staff discord in the near future for us to go over some developer trials.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to apply for the developer role. Sadly we've decided to deny your application. If you want a reasoning behind your denial please DM me on discord.
  9. General & Content Changes: + "/stats" and "/cf stats" message format changed to be more consistent with the server. + Fixed some messed up message formatting in clans. + Added the players level and xp requirement bar to /stats. + Added command "/clan stats" to accompany "/cf stats" and "/stats" + NEW wizard quest with 5 potions to purchase/unlock. + Added command /updates or /patchnotes + Coinflips only broadcast in chat above $1000 now. + Added a page system to the clan help page. + Added command "/clan list" to view all clans. + Everyone now has access to the command
  10. General & Content Changes: + NEW "/cf stats <name>" command added to view coinflip stats. + NEW "/stats <name>" command added to view casual stats (such as kills, deaths, etc...) + There is now a small chance to get a Plex Well from fishing. Balance Changes: + Decreased the size of some iron veins within the coal caverns. + Increased the amount of iron in mine-3 (The right hand spawn mine) + Increased the amount of gold in mine-5 and mine-6 (The two main gold mines) + Amount of money per kill has been increased back to $10 (previously $5) + Slightly decreased t
  11. General & Content Changes: + NEW MAP - This is a map that we've previously had but we've reskinned it for this season. + Few new small commands like /pay and /balance + Coinflips there is an NPC located at spawn or you can access it through /cf + Ice Man Quest NPC (Includes 5 unique Icey trades) + Gold Hunter Quest NPC (Includes 5 more unique trades) + Brand new Ravager boss! Balance Changes: + Increased cost on most armour prices (slightly) + Level barriers added to armour Must be level 5 to purchase chain armour Must be level 10 to purchase iron armour Must
  12. General Updates: The Jukebox has been released, this is an extremely big feature and is currently in beta. Create your own songs, vote on community songs, play your songs to the community. Check discord for full information related to the Jukebox Obsidian Master (New Deals): Destructive Crossbow - Costs 500 Obsidian for a cross bow with Piercing 4 and Multishot Slowness Arrows - Costs 1 Obsidian for an obsidian arrow (slowness tipped arrow) Obsidian Chestplate - Costs 320 Obsidian for a Netherite Chestplate with Protection I and Thorns
  13. It isn't, it's been nerfed from sharp 20 to sharp 15. It still wasn't better before the nerf anyways.
  14. General Updates: For Halloween night we've added spooky mobs that are roaming free in the PVP zone. Killing these mobs will reward you with pumpkin pies, candy baskets, money/xp, obsidian, golden apples and some rare limited edition items. (Active between 5PM EST and 2AM EST) LIMITED EDITION Pumpkin Launcher weapon added for Halloween event. LIMITED EDITION Headless Horseman's Axe added for Halloween event. The cosmetics menu now has a sound effect upon opening and selecting your cosmetic. VIP now have access to the command /bin or /trash. There is
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