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  1. IcxxyMC


    +1 This plugin is really cool! I have seen Skeppy use it! And if they add this, it would be awesome as it could be used for much fun stuff!
  2. TrollBoss is a pretty cool and unique troll plugin with ALOT of features! It is very useful for server owners that like trolling. It has basically (Almost) every trolling command you'd every need! I I really like this plugin as it is one of the best trolling plugins (In my opinion). This plugin is also used by a big Minecraft Youtuber by the name of Skeppy. Some commands: /fakeop <player> - Sends a message that the player was oped. /fakedeop <player> - Sends a message that the player was deoped. /push <player> - Pushes a player. /trap <player> <time> - Traps a player in a glass box (You can choose for how long they will be trapped). /void <player> - Breaks every block under the player 1 by 1 until the player gets sent to the void. /badapple <player> - Gives an apple to a player and if they eat the apple, they will be "poisoned" and then die. /burn <player> - Sets a player on fire. /launch <player> - Launches a player upwards. /spam <player> <time> - Spams a player (You can choose for how long they will be spammed). /boom <player> - Explodes a player (I think you can use /explode too). /randomtroll <player> - Chooses 1 of the many trolls in the plugin to do on the player. These was just some of the commands. There are ALOT more commands. Bukkit Link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/troll-extreme Spigot Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/trollboss.47423/ Hope you will like the plugin!
  3. why am i here lol

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