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  1. Hey! When looking through your Live console output/latest.log I can see that its full of errors. Nothing but errors. I would highly suggesting removing any custom plugins you might have uploaded or remove the skript addons. Then restart your server and try to join again. In case that wont work try to use the Repair Files button. It will take a while and once it's done you want to restart your server and rejoin. Good luck :))
  2. Hey! Sorry to tell you, but you posted this in a completely wrong section! However, if you want to be unmuted please contact support (Click here)! Good luck :))
  3. Hey! You can simply fix that by heading over to your Server Dashboard --> start the server in question --> under appearance --> Server Command --> type: /op <your IGN>! Good luck! :))
  4. Just5MoreMinutes

    Mute Appeal

    Hey! To appeal your muted please contact support (Click here)! Good luck :))
  5. Hey! I will now try my best to speak spanish, dont bully me :'c No es possible jugar en Minehut con el Minecraft no premium! Eso es porque Minehut no apoyo eso versión del juego ya que es ilegal! Por favor usé el inglés de ahora y si tiene alguna otra pregunta, por favor pregunte en "Help", no en "General"! Mucho suerte :))
  6. Here since 2018 :)) good thing there is no way to see playtime o.o
  7. Hey! Another thing you can try other than providing the latest.log file (althogh latest.log is probably more precise) is to use Repair Files. Simply head over to your Server Dashboard --> Danger Zone --> Repair Files --> wait a bit --> Restart your server! Good luck :))
  8. Hey! You can upload your own plugins! Simply head over to File Manager on your Erver Dashboard . There you want to find the plugins folder and simply select it and upload fundys plugin! Good luck :))
  9. Hey! Please appeal over at support (Click here)! Good luck :))
  10. Hey! Sadly you cant appeal on the forums anymore. In case you want your account to be unbanned, please contact support (Click here). Make sure you are logged in and also - many people seem to not understand the support page - make sure sure to click the big button that say Contact Support! Good luck :))
  11. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this either. In my opinion it just makes everything more complicated and enduring, Lapzzo said it makes it seem more professional, however I think that professional looks shouldn't be top priority, simplicity and functionality should. So I would like to have the old addons panel back. If you want to give feedback thats more likely to reach staff join the MinehutMeta discord (Click here) and report it in #addons-panel-feedback!
  12. thanks <33 Good luck in your future, we will miss you!
  13. Hey! The first thing that came to mind is the disbaleElytraMovementCheck gamerule. Simply use /gamerule disableElytraMovementCheck True! Good luck! :))
  14. Hey! In case you wish to appeal please do it over at support (Click here)! Sadly you cant appeal bans on the forums anymore!
  15. Just5MoreMinutes


    Great documentation! Would read again. Simple to understand Well structured Great person
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