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  1. ur a penguin 🐧

  2. Hey, Thanks for applying on plexpvp, Unfortunately after reading through your application and taking into account other factors we have come to the decision to deny your application.
  3. Hey, Thanks for applying for plexpvp. I know applications are currently closed but applications can still be denied during this time to prevent people having to wait so long for a response. Unfortunately after reviewing your application we have chosen to deny it, thanks for applying!
  4. Tastq


    I'm totally not Culpit on tastq's account
  5. Tastq

    Minehut Exposed

    Weird, i think it's just the choice of plugins on your server like imageonmap for example, you can release without that stuff
  6. Tastq

    Minehut Exposed

    Still broke some things but it's an improvement
  7. Tastq

    Minehut Exposed

    I think this time round minehut did a better job rolling out the new version update. They actually got all the core plugins fixed and i only faced 1 or two minor issues...
  8. Tastq

    Minehut Exposed

    I think you and filr both had points. I think filr responded to your points and there's reasoning against every single one of them. I'm on no side here but after reading through everything it's clear to me that you made this thread out of anger about past punishments and you being muted. I understand why you're upset about that but i genuinely agree with filr that it's a valid mute because you were actively telling people to leave which i wasn't aware of. The mute is very short anyway... Personally i think naming the thread 'Minehut exposed' might be a bit of a mistake seeing as i don't think you exposed anything to anyone. We all know that superleague's aims are to profit off of minehut and they may have downgraded it slightly from what it used to be, but i also think that's an aspect of with anything that grows and gets big, people always look back at what is was from the beginning and want that back. Looking and what nicky said i think he's right. Minehut is something that we take advantage of, i don't know another host that has so many players to advertise to and i've never seen a hosting where you can grow your server as easily and fast as Minehut. Of course, minehut has it's downsides but i think over all we can all agree that it's something that we need and without it you wouldn't have had many of the amazing experiences you have had in creating servers. Anglo as an example, got quite a lot of players and thats because of minehut and minehut only, they really are the best for getting a large server and i don't think you're seeing that. Over all though i'm not on any side just stating what i can see from all this.
  9. Hey, Thanks for applying. It seems you don't meet the age requirements but after reading through your application you evidently show enough maturity and experience. If you wish to continue with the application process message me on discord.
  10. Hey, Thanks for applying, we've come to the decision to accept your application. Please message me on discord if you wish to continue with the application process, i've sent you a friend request!
  11. Tastq

    Minehut Exposed

    Well i mean it kinda works on reputation and if you have a bad reputation then of course they're going to take that into account when looking at appeals and just dealing with you ingame or watching you.. thats how it works everywhere so
  12. Hey, thanks for applying on plex. Unfortunately we've chosen to not accept your application as we feel firstly you are too young to become a member of the staff team and secondly because your application is lacking in detail. You may reapply when you meet the age requirements!
  13. Hey, thanks for applying on PlexPvP. Unfortunately after reviewing your application we have come to the decision to deny it. You may reapply next season (halloween)!
  14. Locked, please use the application format when applying.
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