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  1. BASIC DETAILSMinecraft username: powerBen141Previous usernames: i have no other or previous usernameTimezone: Denmark, copenhagen (GMT +1)Age (Must be 13+): 13Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no): yesDo you have the ability to record hackers?: yes i doHave you played PlexPVP much before?: i have played alot of plex and therefor i have some ideas i get while i play that could help the serverAre you multilingual? i can speak danish and english and abit of deutch. APPLICATION QUESTIONSAre you an active player on Minehut and minecraft in general?: yes i play alot of plex, minehut and in general minecraft.How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: i have alot of time and can therefor play for like 4-5 hours a day maybe Have you ever been banned on any minecraft server before? If so, add details: i have never been banned on any server and like to play fair and square What would you say are your weaknesses & strengths (Include detail, provide 2 for both): strengh: 1. im on at the time were the other staff members arent on and when i play i encounter alot of hackers that i could ban. 2. i work good with fellow staff members and other players and im very kind t everyone weakness: 1. im kind of shy and dont like to talk all of the time but i can if its very important (i dont speak to much because i have a very high voice) 2. im not that old and therefor i dont have as much knowlegde as an older player Tell us about one of your favorite moments as a minecraft player (On Minecraft): my favorite moment in any game is when you just cant put it away and you have a great time just playing while time is running and you just cant put the game away because you are having such a good timeTell us about a mistake you have made in the past. How did you deal with it and what did you learn?: i need to understand some rules on another server and then i asked a staff-member and they helped me and then i learned that everyone is willing to help you. What activities / hobbies do you do outside of Minecraft?: i go to school and i play minecraft and other videogames Do you have any previous staffing experience?: yes i have experience from other servers were i was a helper, builder, mod and admin Anything else we should know? Any talents or strong points?: no thers nothing i would like to add.
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