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Your favorite thing about Minehut


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It's simple, I want to know your favorite thing about Minehut. Whether that be the community, servers, or anything! Just lmk!

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I love the community and all of you ❤️ You're all so amazing!

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If I am being honest I really don't know at this point. I think I just enjoy the story. By that I mean watching the evolution of the community, builds, drama. If I had to pack it all up into a nice neat little box I would label it "shenanigans"

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3 hours ago, Preinstalled said:

Obviously farming servers 😉

they've actually been dying down! genpvp and dupe are in the lead, though genpvp is slowing down

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I like how this server really shows Survival of the Fittest, Farming servers got a lot of players so people began making more, then gen pvp etc. I love how the community have shifted so much and I REALLY love how many more unique servers are being made!

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