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  1. Most generator servers ever made.
  2. Skyblock plugins updated, omg best update ever.
  3. Click on "Reset server" How do I join the minehut dev team?
  4. You can download call of duty warzone here How do I apply for youtube rank?
  5. Credits will be deducted from your account on monthly basis, you could either get a larger number of credits package or pay at the end of the month to keep up with your plan.
  6. Yes, the plans are meant to be payed for every month.
  7. Does anyone here play minecraft?
  8. How about trying it through the panel? Go to the website then head over to the server you are trying to download the world on, head over to "World" option on the header section, click on "Upload world" which will be roughly the 4th option then you can select the world you are trying to upload. It'll probably look like this. https://gyazo.com/cae096f6d11b926fda2acc4ede2c3573
  9. I might be able to help if you can post your server log into hastebin or pastebin Quote this reply if you are willing to share the logs.
  10. Of course people will like it, however it's a pretty unbalanced idea... voting gives you 25 credits each day, meaning that you can afford the 720 credits plan for a whole month if you vote every day (30 credits extra) and you can obtain over 9k credits if you patiently vote for a whole year even though that'd not be needed unless you want the 9.6k credits plan for a month.
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