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  1. until
    Join us for a fun New Years Eve countdown and celebration!
  2. until
    Join us for a fun, never ending parkour! The person who completes the most levels will win a prize!
  3. Tresre

    Snowball Fight

    Join us for a fun, dodge ball style snowball fight!
  4. until
    Be here each day for a fun mini-game leading up to the holidays!
  5. Tresre

    New Emoji

    Petition to make this a new emoji on the discord server
  6. Tresre


    Go to your panel>server properties>level name, then change the level name to the exact name of the world you want to be made primary. Lastly, click save and restart your server.
  7. Hey Minehut! We need suggestions for future events to put on for you all! If you have an idea that you have always wanted to see as an event on Minehut, just send an explanation of it below! If your event is chosen, we will make sure to give you credit for suggesting it.
  8. Tresre


    Join us for some fun karaoke!
  9. until
    Join us for a fun battle where teams of two will compete to create the ultimate thanksgiving feast. The team who creates the most thanksgiving food will win!
  10. Tresre

    Freeze Tag

    Join us for a fun game of freeze tag!
  11. Tresre

    Skyblock Event

    Compete in this skyblock event to compete to be the island with the most points! The island with the most points at the end will win!
  12. Tresre

    Minehut Puzzles

    Join us for a fun event with puzzles, challenging quizzes, and more!
  13. Edb


    From Tresre's Signiture:

    How are you able to read this small

    20/20 vision.

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