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  1. Title basically says it all, but we make a randomly generating parkour skript that generates infinite levels, and whoever completes the most levels of randomly generated parkour within a set amount of time is considered the winner for the event. I've seen this on a server before, and so it might be interesting to see it as an event.
  2. I like your profile pic

  3. Hey, please don't reply to topics with over a month of inactivity. This topic has now been locked.
  4. Please don't post on old topics with more than a month of inactivity. This topic has been locked.
  5. Tresre

    pleas help me !

    Hey! This may be due to a plugin, or your server being set to a certain difficulty. First, try going to dashboard > settings > difficulty, setting it to your desired difficulty, clicking save, and restarting your server. If that doesnt work, send the list of plugins you have installed on your server.
  6. Tresre


    woah its that famous minehut streamer
  7. Tresre

    Forge Mods

    It's not likely that minehut servers will support mods for a while, due to how Minehut works.
  8. Tresre


    Minehut already has geyser installed, all your friends have to do is join bedrock.minehut.com with port 19132 and then use /join <your server name> in chat!
  9. Tresre

    Plugin Help

    Did you try restarting your server?
  10. Tresre

    Plugin Help

    Are you sure your bot token is inputted correctly?
  11. Hey, make sure you go to Dashboard > Settings > Difficulty and click easy. Then, click save. Once it's done saving, restart your server. If that doesn't work, you can also try using /difficulty in game.
  12. Tresre

    Plugin Help

    Hey! Here's a helpful tutorial made by the Minehut admins to help you set up DiscordSRV:
  13. This dude is epic.

  14. Okay so I've heard a few people say that pizza with pineapple is the best, and some others say that pepperoni is the best, but personally I like plain cheese. Whats yall's favorite type of pizza?
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