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  1. Tresre

    i cant change my password

    Go to the sign in page and click forgot password. You will then receive an email on your mail account with instructions to reset your password remotely. If that doesn't work, contact support at https://minehut.com/support and they can help you further.
  2. Security issues. Lots of children play Minehut, and because Minehut is a server host where all the servers are 'linked' together by a hub, it would be really easy for inappropriate, racist, or discriminatory pictures to be seen by children.
  3. Tresre

    Server Version

    Minehut now supports 1.16.1 play. You can join the discord at https://discord.gg/minehut to get updates on when minehut supports the newest versions.
  4. Currently, Minehut doesn't support bedrock 1.16.0 and are working to update to support that version. Its not necessarily a matter of allowing java players to play. Theres no ETA as to when it will be supported again,
  5. Hey! If it says world download failed, the world downloader is most likely down for maintenance or a glitch. Try again in a few hours and you might have better luck downloading your world.
  6. You can also upload the zip file to an online resource pack hoster like https://mc-packs.net and it will give you a url for it.
  7. Tresre

    Server Version

    Unfortunately, you can't change the version of your Minehut server. Minehut servers are automatically set to the latest version of minecraft (in this case 1.16.1). If you want to allow earlier versions to join, you can install the plugin called protocol support OR you can install these three plugins: viaversion, viarewind, and viabackwards.
  8. Tresre

    stuck on starting

    Click the button labeled Contact support. The button is colored blue, and will bring you to a page where you have to fill out a few things related to your server.
  9. Tresre

    stuck on starting

    To make a ticket, head to https://minehut.com/support and scroll down to the button labeled contact support. Then, click the button, and fill out all the information it asks for. A day or two later, you should receive an email with an answer from one of the staff.
  10. You can join the Minehut discord at https://discord.gg/minehut
  11. Tresre

    stuck on starting

    Hm. Sounds like a glitch with one of the plugins, or something more complex. Try making a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support , and they will look through your server to find the issue. Quote this with any other questions you have.
  12. Hey! Mobs spawning and then immediately despawning sound like something that would happen in peaceful mode, but you mentioned your server being put back into normal mode. Have you tried restarting the server? If you have already tried that, try putting the server into hibernation through the 'danger zone' tab of your console. Quote this with any other questions you have.
  13. Hey! Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, Minehut does not support cracked accounts. You can only play Minehut with paid accounts. If you are referring to server plans, you can make a server for free with no charge at https://minehut.com !
  14. Hey! It sounds like you are accidentally changing the level name under console > settings > world name, and that is causing the server to make a new world, simulating a loss of progress. To prevent this, do /worlds and write down the name of the world that all your work is in. Then, if it ever happens, navigate to your console > settings > world name, and change the world name to the exact name of the world which all your stuff is in. This will set the spawnpoint back to your main world, as well as restore your inventory from that world. As for the deleted world, there unfortunately isn't much that can be done to recover it as backups aren't currently a feature on the console. Sorry for any trouble that may have been caused. Quote this if you have any other questions!
  15. Tresre

    Disable Block Updates

    Hey, thanks for the question! Minecraft has a built in feature just to fix that! Its called a debug stick, and you can use it to update a block certain ways. To obtain it, use /give <username> debug_stick. Once you have it, you can click on the block you want to update, and it will change. Both left and right click change the property you want to change, and the property value. Feel free to quote this with any other questions you have!
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