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  1. Edb


    From Tresre's Signiture:

    How are you able to read this small

    20/20 vision.

  2. Tresre

    Minehut HQ Raid

    Join us for a raid of the Minehut HQ! In this game mode, you are raiding the Minehut HQ as if it was Area 51. Run past the guards and into the Minehut HQ where you have to rescue DeephErikson, who is being held in captivity! Escape in the helicopter to successfully raid the HQ! Pick up bonus intel along the way for bonus points! Keep in mind that this is EST time.
  3. Join us for a fun trick or treating event! Run around in a neighborhood and collect as much candy as you can before the night ends! The top 3 people with the most candy points wins! Be sure to wear your spookiest costume to the event! Keep in mind that this is EST time.
  4. Tresre

    Wool Wars Event

    Join us for a fun few rounds of wool wars! Top 3 winners will receive prizes! Keep in mind that this is EST time.
  5. Tresre

    Dropper Event

    Join us for a fun dropper event with 7 levels! There will be a first, second, and third place prize, so be sure to do your best and complete all the droppers! Keep in mind that this is EST time.
  6. Minehut forums at midnight. Living the life.
  7. Tresre


    Boo! Thats what I'll do lol
  8. Its the same thing as tp, you just need to install a permissions plugin and give them the permission "essentials.tp". Keep in mind that this is dangerous on a public server as it allows users to teleport to anyone or anywhere, as an op would. Giving them the permission to load schematics will also allow them to load any schematics at will. I would recommend finding a different way to do this, other than making the players execute the command.
  9. Locked. This question has been answered.
  10. I dont believe this is real lol
  11. Basically, if you make a player run "/tp" then it is the same thing as if they ran "/tp" themselves, and if they ran it themselves, they wouldnt have permission to run it if they are an ordinary player.
  12. Mine is Christmas because my house has a wood burning stove so I can light a fire in that on a snow day and it gets nice and warm and cozy. Also because its cold enough to wear hoodies.
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