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  1. If yall don't understand, it basicly places the block and gives you the same one back, even keeping the name. Idk which sk plugins it needs though, if i does need any. Also it makes sure you can only place that certain block and break that certain block.
  2. idk if anyone cares, as this is pretty easy to create, but if anyone was wondering here ya go lol. also it acts like hypixel housing but u need haste 255 and something that is "effective" against the certain block. command /infcobblestone: trigger: give player 1 of cobblestone named "&bInfinite Cobblestone" on place of a cobblestone: give player 0 of cobblestone uncancel event on place: if player is op: uncancel event else: if block is not cobblestone: cancel event on break: if player is op: uncancel event else:
  3. Hi im loidox (old usernames: RaidableGaming, Magix_, Expire_Raid [some people can understand this one if your an og minehut player], RaidableGaminYT), ain't much of a new person to minehut, been playing for 3 years, but this is my first time on the forums. im the owner / developer of an "ok" server (levelzrpg.minehut.gg). so hello (also i meme)
  4. am i the only one still scared that they are advertising fortnite on minecraft content?
  5. let the war in the replies begin
  6. why is this a post in the first place
  7. Minehut is not minehut without lag. Change my mind

  8. jackson85 vs. jackjack33 its official
  9. im sitting here wondering how the "most liked" post on days have like 1 or 2 likes. does no one look at the forums? (tbh id say this is twitter but on mh)

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