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Skript Competition - Results


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After judging all of your submissions we have chosen a winner!


@ReportCards has won the skript competition!

@Dextur and @Bogdan_217n are tied for second place!

@_TaZePUg is in third place!

@nullific is in fourth place!

Factsforlivin YT#3918 is in fifth place!

@Lynxdeer is in sixth place!

_Anonymous__7258#4768 is in seventh place!



Thanks to everyone for participating! If you'd like to know why you got a result feel free to dm me on discord (DeltaRays#0054) or the forums and I'm going to explain what we thought about your script!


Sorry for uploading the answers late, but we had a few complications.

If you'd like to read more about the competition you can read this post, which explains the rules and instructions.


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