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  1. seems like a good plugin to be added
  2. are you able to get your server logs?
  3. Hey, the server has been reset and i'm pretty sure you can't get the discord anymore.
  4. no idea if this is the 1.16 syntax, but you can use /kill @e[type=armor_stand,r=3]
  5. You can use this tutorial here:
  6. the command to unban IPs would be /pardon-ip
  7. very cool moment, must agree
  8. it is not updated yet, ViaVersion allows clients to connect with 1.16. this does not allow the client to use new 1.16 items, mobs, terrain generation etc. The servers are still 1.15
  9. nono, minehut supports 1.16 clients with ViaVersion. None of the servers are 1.16 yet
  10. minehut isn't in 1.16 yet, wait for it to then try again
  11. yeah i feel you haha
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