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  1. SkUniversal dont work with plots squared anymore
  2. Your using uuid of player in a variables section. They is no player there. It needs to be used in things such as. command /test: trigger: send "%uuid of player%" on load: loop players: send "%loop-player's uuid%" on join: send "&cYour uuid is &a%player's uuid%"
  3. Can we only submit one skript?
  4. I think the old version of the light dashboard looks better than the current light theme. I cannot use the light theme as it just kills my eyes. I think something like this could be more useable also i think the left navigation menu is a little bit jumpy. When your going out of hover, it goes to the center.
  5. Minehut doesn't just cut access to use 0 tick farms. Its because they have already been patched in the papermc updates.
  6. _TaZePUg

    Skript ranks

    command /test: trigger: add 1 to {test} send "%{test}%" if {test} is 0 or 1: if player's balance is between 2500 and 1000000: message "&aYour rank is raised to B!" remove 25000 from player's balance else: message "&cThe requirement is not met!" else: if {test} is 1: if player's balance is between 5000 and 1000000: message "&aYour rank is raised to C!"" remove 5000 from player's balance else: message "&cThe requirement is not met" else: if {test} is 2: if player's balance is between 150000 and 1000000: message "&aYour rank is raised to D!" remove 10000 from player's balance else: message "&cThe requirement is not met" No need for all the caps aswell
  7. Thats petty. Minehut has provided unlimited plugins for a long time now, minehut is growing, and gaining a lot of players. Because people love to have free stuff. There using all this unnecessary space on minehut. If you have a ton of plugins its going to stress there servers and will result in them having to upgrade again, and wasting a ton of money. You probably think minehut makes a ton of money, they host over 8k+ servers each day, they can have as much plugins as they want. and 80% of them servers are probably free servers. The only income minehut is having is the 20% of paid servers and ad revenue maybe might have income from somewhere else but not sure. But as a business point of view this is a good idea and I don't think I should be removed, they should only remove it when they have came up with a better solution to make money for now I think this is a great idea. Then don't use that much plugin then. If you want to waste minehut's server performance at least help them pay for it. A good server in my opinion should have 30 plugins max. And yes you still need to buy a plan, but if you want a successful server. Pay. Then again it is still possible to create a alright server with 12 plugins if you are smart enough.
  8. _TaZePUg


    Fairs didn't see that at the time. but also that message for other people complaining as well.
  9. _TaZePUg

    can't restart sever

    Try starting your server up. This could just be because your server was going into hibernation mode at the time. If the problem continues please say. It shouldn't and everything should work.
  10. Check your server and client logs. Any errors will be posted there.
  11. Have you restarted your server? Does the world show in file manager Have you tried another world
  12. Is this a multiverse world? (A imported world)
  13. _TaZePUg


    Thats really tight. You do realise making servers is not free. They have to pay for there hosting bills for a load of servers. If minehut paid everyone to make a server. I dont get why everything is just seeing this from there view. Like. "OH NO. I can't get a free amazing server without paying a penny", "THIS IS TRASH. I WANT FREE SERVERS" When you grow up. You will learn not everything is free. This from a business view is a very good idea. At the end of the day minehut is still the best value for free hosting. Of course. Theres alternatives, but with this could mean many things such as: Advertisement in your own server promoting there website Not exposed to a big community (Minehut is really the only big community out there that does this stuff) Wait in queue for server startup's Lower ram and specs LOWER THAN 15 plugins for free plans! And your complaining about minehut lowering max plugins? If you are smart enough and vote everyday. You wont need to pay a penny to host your server. Minehut is still the best option.
  14. They already said they may increase or change the plan but you will have to wait. Your not understanding this from a business point of view
  15. _TaZePUg


    This update for players is not good. This update for the minehut community is good. Over the past few years minehut has spoiled us with being able to create servers for free, they are growing rapidly and need a way to be able to handle the new servers, AD's do obviously not make enough to host over thousands of servers for people. Therefor minehut has finally gone a little bit stricter forcing you a little bit more to buy credits so minehut can keep this service up and running for us. At the end of the day. Minehut is still free, has many crazy and cool features, and i think this change is for the better. Obviously theres gonna people who disagree and WANT servers without paying a penny. In reality this is not possible without a lot of income. Minehut is still the biggest and best free server host. Obviously if you want to run a big server now you need to pay or vote daily. But that's how life is you cannot expect everything to be free. I think minehut has done a fantastic job at keeping this service free, but obviously times can get tough and as they are growing so quick they now have to limit our free player servers. Most servers that are hosted on minehut are Free what means most of the income would be from just AD's.
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