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the only way i know is to use /socialspy which gives you immediate access to any commands sent after you have executed the command, however you would only be able to see this while in-game. unfortunately i'm not entirely sure if minehut provides you with another option to spectate command usage

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10 hours ago, Buggy_bear_ said:

How to I access the actual console of my server so I could see all the commands that players are using? Thank You If You Replied!

You can always check your logs for any events you'd like to see. If you have essentials then you can use /socialspy as Residents said.

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4 hours ago, Buggy_bear_ said:

ok thx, but i mean can u do this in console?

There is no accessible server console. If you need to see whats happening in your server, you can type "/dl logs" in game or check the file manager --> logs --> latest.log

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