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  1. Please could you add BungeeTabListPlus cus it works with advanced achievements and it's just much better than tabs reborn (The only current minehut tab plugin) If you could add that it would be amazing
  2. Buggy_bear_

    Minehut console

    ok thx, but i mean can u do this in console?
  3. I just want to know, what is skript?
  4. Buggy_bear_

    Minehut console

    Yes i know you could go to the logs but there should be a feature that allows you to see the console output, and socialspy only lets you see /msg commands.
  5. In minehut console for your server there should be an output for the console so you could see if you did a command wrong or what commands players are doing without having to go the the latest log. Thanks! :)
  6. Buggy_bear_

    Minehut console

    How to I access the actual console of my server so I could see all the commands that players are using? Thank You If You Replied!
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