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  1. This also can be due to a corrupted file / wrong edited one. I'd suggest to reset configs or try re-installing it to be sure. If it is still broken, then has said Sn0wGo, the plugin is not updated yet.
  2. If it still Don't work, Reset AdvancedBan configs, and delete your friend's data from the server to cancel his playtime SO his ban
  3. Probably in future updates
  4. You have multiple choices to repair your starting server : Reparing Files Start your server. Once you have access to the panel, stop it. Go to "Danger Zone" and then repair files. Wait for the server to start (By clicking "repair files", your server Will start alone) Removing Plugins If your server don't start, it is probably due to an overloaded data. I suggest to remove usueless Plugins. Wait between 2 starts If you tried to start your server, but It didn't Worked, do not try again instantly after. Wait some minutes / hours. S
  5. Send commands See what's happening in-game / executed commands or
  6. You can upload datapacks into files, but can not upload a world that provides All data of players.
  7. .schem : if your file has it, uploading the world wont work at All. This type of file is corrupted and do not provide All requirements to upload it. .schematic : if you have it, follow this: Turn it into a link to make your management easier with file.io (https://file.io) Copy link, and come back to your game Copy this command : /ul world (choose a name here) (link) Do no restart your server or execute /worlds, just /world (the name you have choose for the world) If you still have an upload failed, this is probably due to an unloaded chunk into the file, or
  8. I only suggest to not add FAWE and WE at the same time. Addind Both Will corrupt them and had some errors.
  9. Even if he upload it, it'll appear as ul_(world) on the Worlds list. You can hide your Worlds using skript if you don't want People to see it. little exemple here: on command "/worlds": cancel event send "&7No Worlds for you" To make the world your official one, check out MH Tutorial about How : https://youtu.be/6vPQdQ3GfJ0
  10. Good Luck to everyone. Hope to see New People on the Team Quick !
  11. Hi, I see some errors about FAWE, as the one with WorldGuard. I did some small research, and learned that the Bukkit version of FAWE was compatible with WorldGuard, which is currently not the case with the FAWE that we currently have available. I therefore consider that your version must be that of Spigot, suddenly I make this little request to know if it was possible to repair the compatibility of these two plugins, because installing FAWE in some servers, turned the security of WorldGuard to OFF, and the players so were able to destroy. ---------------------------------------
  12. No no no no, bad boi
  13. I have understand 1/4 of it, but Interesting ::-::
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