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How to lower (Or even eliminate) lag on your server!


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Before we start, we need to understand what defines a server as being "laggy":


First of all, HIGH PING IS NOT SERVER LAG. Thank you.

Server lag is caused by a low TPS (ticks per second) rate, TPS is generally meant to stick at 20 tps (because minecraft command blocks and other things run at 20 ticks per second). 


Secondly, What causes lag?

Lag can be caused by anything but here are the most intense causes:

1. New chunk generation: Chunks are 16x16 areas that get loaded and unloaded depending on how far players are. When a server starts and a player walks into a place where no chunks have been made before, It will generate those chunks. So a lot of players loading chunks at a high speed will cause issues.

1a. Many chunks loaded: Of course if a lot of players are spread across the world, a lot more chunks will be loaded at once

2. High amount of entities: Having a lot of items of the ground will cause the server to lag and possibly crash

3. An overload of plugins: Now, call me crazy, but this is why the plugin limit for free servers is good, Many plugins running on only 1 GB of ram is bound to cause issues

4. Just mojang...: The minecraft server software is only able to take on one thread, so it can't really run servers to the capacity that a CPU can hold

5. Crash eggs / exploits: If you are a creative / freeop server, you have most likely encountered server crashing potions or bomb spawn eggs.


Lastly, How can we reduce lag?

1. Lower down your server render distance: Trust me, This took my server from 6 TPS to a solid 20. Doing this makes it so chunk loading becomes slower and makes it so less chunks will be loaded at once.

2. Upgrade your server plan: While this only really applies to minehut, the external equivalent is to get better hardware. Getting better server plans will give your server more ram, so in turn, less lag.

3. Get a clearlag plugin / skript: If you get a plugin or skript like ClearLagg, It will occasionally clear all items on the ground, lowering lag a bit.

4. Get the plugin "Dupe fixes / Illegal stack remover": Not enough people know about this plugin, but it is so useful, try it. It can remove bomb eggs (or any illegally enchanted items, like kill potions) and it can patch a lot of dupe exploits! It's just a useful plugins


That's about it, if anyone has any other suggestions, leave them in the comments!


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