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  1. You can use send action bar "text" to player instead of setting it. Also this topic belongs in Skript (Discussion), please be sure to post in the correct categories! Topic moved to Skript -> Discussion
  2. What happens when you try and start your server? (also try posting in the correct categories next time, this belongs in community support) Topic moved to Community Support.
  3. You can use the event on command, and this condition to check worlds. Then just cancel the event if the condition is met.
  4. Well first off, if there's an indentation error, that means your spacing/tabs are off (make sure everything is aligned correctly, and in the right sections.) Also, you should use TuSKe for GUIs. The documentation for TuSKe can be found here.
  5. Star

    Christmas Wishlist?

    I kinda need some cookies in my life around Christmas time.
  6. My favorite moment had to be when Thistle used /s instead of /r for the 17th time of the week
  7. I'm requesting one done on each individual staff member, not just the roles, would be incredible to see
  8. You'll have to use a plugin like EpicSkyblock, BSkyblock/BentoBox, etc. Also please don't necropost. This post is over 3 months old, you can create new threads (in the correct categories as well, this belongs in Community Support). Topic Locked.
  9. It's most likely a bug with Minecraft's spawn protection. Try changing the world's spawn to somewhere else (far away) using /setworldspawn, and just set your spawnpoint using /spawnpoint.
  10. What are the circumstances leading up to your server going into hibernation when you're on it? Note: If there aren't any players online it will shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  11. Watch out, Jack is gonna find out, and when he does, he'll come for you
  12. Your opinion is completely correct. You deserve an award.
  13. The admin Kailum is kinda cool too. He's pretty old though, sorry Old Man Kailum.
  14. Time to spend 3 hours wandering around to see all the easter eggs.
  15. If it persists however, try clearing your browser cache and disabling any adblockers.
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