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    I'm trying to do code a CPS check, but I can get a really high number by breaking a ton of blocks(holding) in creative. Is it possible to get the actual cps of a player. Thanks(btw, i'm adding 1 to a CPS counter every time a player clicks)
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    expected 0 spaces

    NM, fixed it
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    expected 0 spaces

    Code: else if arg-1 is "toggle": if player has permission "anticheat.toggle": if {%player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} is true: message "&aNoSkill notifications have been turned off" set {%player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} to false else: message "&aNoSkill notifications have been turned on" set {%player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} to true else: message "&cYou do not have permission to run this command" else if arg-1 is "violation": if arg-2 is "add": if arg-3 is set: if arg-4 is set: if arg-5 is set: if arg-6 is set: set {_p} to arg-3 parsed as an offline player set {_v} to arg-4 parsed as a number set {_r} to arg-5 set {_c} to arg-6 set {_ex} to arg-7 set {_p.uuid} to {_p}'s uuid if {_p}'s ping is more than 300: add {_v} / 2 to {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} else: add {_v} to {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} if {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} is more or the same as {anticheat.violations.%{_r}%.max}: set {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} to 0 if {_p} doesn't have permission "anticheat.ban.bypass": execute console command "/minecraft:ban %{_p}% &a[NoSkill]&r %{_r}%" add "&4Ban&r: %{_r}% Check: %{_c}% Ping: %{_p}'s ping% TPS: %tps% Extra: %{_ex}%" to {%{p.uuid}%.anticheat::bans} add 1 to {anticheat.bans} else: loop all players: if {%loop-player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} is true: message "&b[NoSkill] %{_p}% was detected for %{_r}%" to loop-player add "&6Warning&r: %{_r}% Check: %{_c}% Ping: %{_p}'s ping% TPS: %tps% Extra: %{_ex}%" to {%{p.uuid}%.anticheat::warnings} else if arg-1 is "gui": anticheatgui(player) All this code is being flagged for expected 0 spaces, found (number)
  4. If the mods reply to this one more time, I will do nothing 1
  5. /lp user (user) meta permission set (perm) true Try that
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    Reach Help

    When I asked what the reach is on MH, I was told 4.25 diagonal/3 horizontal. I know I'm an idiot, but does that mean your position to the player, or something else(horizontal and diagonal, not the reach). Thanks
  8. I would suggest removing the Not Paid suggestion due to some paid plugins being allowed
  9. -1 You can already join on your phone with Minechat, PickaxeChat, etc
  10. Custom Domains Minehut has a tutorial on how to do this Custom Icons +1
  11. Nd_


    Because some people like it For GenPVP, MineResetLite, any type of shop that takes items(Shopkeeper is a common one), an anticheat plugin, and a ban plugin so you can ban people.
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    /back or something?

    on death: set {back.%player'a uuid%} to player's location send "&bYour location has been set for /back" command /back: permission: skript.back permission message: &cYou don't have permission! trigger: teleport player to {back.%player's uuid%} Fixed
  13. This is partly a feature in Essentials (you can't set the default color though)
  14. I will be there at the same time I don't even know what to say to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family (Google autofill)
  15. Report them to MH if you have evidence against them Did you have CreateYourOwnMenus?
  16. This is an old post But ignore that, that's a bug with your ban plugin AdvancedBan
  17. Nd_

    REQUEST:Anti Xray

    Some people don't know how to Skript
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    -1 for both. There are many plugins better than Simple Score(KiteBoard, SkRayFall). Plus, if you want sk-mirror, which is basically Java, why don't you code the scoreboard in Skript. Skript-mirror might have features that are not wanted in MH
  19. Nd_


    -1 Due to the way MH is set up, this plugin would not work.(copy and pasted)
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