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  1. Polls closing in 1 day! Current victor would be Jackson85, followed by _C02!
  2. Hi! On the last forums (eeeew), I made a post similar to this. Now, with 2 managers, a metric ton of new mods and some Jr. Mods I thought it was time to refresh the winner (gg gingey :D). https://strawpoll.com/d6b8f1yg Note: The staff members are sorted from Mod to Jr Mod, alphabetically. I have not put in any Super League, Build Team, Support Team, Managers or Admins. Only mods allowed! Edit: HOLY COW DID THIS GET POPULAR
  3. ur name is bad


    1. Name




  4. Yeah, I remember the old Warzone. I was a pretty introverted player back then, didn't like talking with people, but I fondly remember using Builder(?) kit to make a fort/house every round. Good times. EDIT: Here is a recreation https://imgur.com/a/LBSowHZ
  5. That makes no sense. What do bots even have to do with a skript? In addition, taking from the webpage: I guess you wanted to make money off it?
  6. Why not just put the skript in code blocks? such as this
  7. Name


    Hooray, 1000 posts!
  8. Hey, cool idea! I made a post really similar to this on the forums.gg forums! +1
  9. Wrong section. Use the "Appeals" section instead.
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