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  1. Bro make me a ban system I'm needing one lol your so good
  2. ur name is bad


    1. Name




  3. maybe like a punishment guy so if you do /punish <offline player>: that will open up a gui with mute and ban if you click the mute then it will have times for how long to mute your selected player and the ban will have like the ban reasons like Xray or Fly or Speed hacks and then the time bit
  4. Or jsut use that one easy... Locked...
  5. Welcome to the staff team I hope you have a great time!
  6. well when I reload the script it says that send "Hey, there's a report from %sender%:" to channel with id "604259988889665536" with "Reports Mineraft" send "The Bug Is: &l%arg 1%" to channel with id "604259988889665536" with "Reports Mineraft" and it then just doesn't send it to the channel I got a different script that acts like discordsrv and that works but this doesn't I don't know why
  7. umm I've got this code but it doesn't seem to work I will change the bot token but the rest of my code doesn't work well the sending bit with the bot doesn't work code is: on skript load: login to "{I took the bot token away so you can't have it as its mine lol}" with name "Reports Mineraft" command /report <text>: trigger: send "&4Reports Mineraft#9812&6: &7I'm sending your bug/report to the discord server" send "&7Thank you for telling us" send "&7- Bright-Skag Staff Team"
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