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  1. God: Creates Skillsbo Skillsbo: Creates vector tutorial God:
  2. Polls closing in 1 day! Current victor would be Jackson85, followed by _C02!
  3. Hi! On the last forums (eeeew), I made a post similar to this. Now, with 2 managers, a metric ton of new mods and some Jr. Mods I thought it was time to refresh the winner (gg gingey :D). https://strawpoll.com/d6b8f1yg Note: The staff members are sorted from Mod to Jr Mod, alphabetically. I have not put in any Super League, Build Team, Support Team, Managers or Admins. Only mods allowed! Edit: HOLY COW DID THIS GET POPULAR
  4. ur name is bad


    1. Name




  5. Yeah, I remember the old Warzone. I was a pretty introverted player back then, didn't like talking with people, but I fondly remember using Builder(?) kit to make a fort/house every round. Good times. EDIT: Here is a recreation https://imgur.com/a/LBSowHZ
  6. That makes no sense. What do bots even have to do with a skript? In addition, taking from the webpage: I guess you wanted to make money off it?
  7. Why not just put the skript in code blocks? such as this
  8. Name


    Hooray, 1000 posts!
  9. Wrong section. Use the "Appeals" section instead.
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