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What is the purpose of common Skript addons?

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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q




Ever wondered what Skript addons were for? This will answer that question, as well as provide some clever uses for them!


What do Skript addons do?

Skript addons are plugins that you can install to expand Skript, so you can do lots more in your scripts. You'll often see addons being used, because they make day to day use of Skript much easier and more convenient.


Common Skript addons

SkBee - Allows you to modify the NBT of blocks, items, entities, etc

Skellett - Provides general purpose effects, like modifying maps, scoreboards, tablists, as well as general purpose events.

SkQuery - Focused on covering more of the Spigot API. This provides events like on any move, on flight toggle, on horse jump, etc.

TuSKe - Provides a good way to manage inventory GUIs, also hooks into plugins so you can manage them with Skript, and covers more of the Spigot API.

Vixio - Provides full support for the Discord API, allowing you to make your own Discord bots that link between Minecraft and Discord.

skDragon - Allows particles to be utilized to make wonderful scenes and animations in Minecraft


How do I install Skript addons?

You can install them from your panel, just go into the Plugins tab, search 'Skript', and then you have a list of all the addons available on Minehut! I'd recommend reading this CFAQ if you don't know how to install plugins.



# This command uses the addon SkBee, which you can use for modifying NBT of blocks, entities, items, etc.
command summonDummy:
	permission: admin.dummy
		summon zombie at player’s location with nbt "{NoAI:1b,CustomNameVisible:1b,CustomName:'{""text"":""Dummy"",""color"":""blue"",""bold"":true}"
# This command will spawn a test dummy that doesn't take any knockback, hurt players, or make noises.
# This command uses the addon skRayFall, for its Shiny Item expression! This expression makes an item have an enchantment glint, without any enchantments showing.
command shinyItem:
		give player shiny diamond sword named "Ooo.. shiny!"

Require further assistance?

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

Compiled by the Minehut Staff Team

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  • muelr changed the title to What is the purpose of common Skript addons?

nice! Very useful

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Now this, this is poggers.

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