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  1. options: #these items will not be selected, ever blacklistblocks: bedrock, dragon egg, and end portal frame #change this to true if you'd like everyone online to get the same item #**only accepts true and false** sameitem: false #change this to the number of seconds you'd like it to wait to give out an item timeinseconds: 30 every {@timeinseconds} seconds: set {_item} to random item out of all items if {@sameitem} = false: loop all players: while {@blacklistblocks} contains {_item}: set {_item} to random item out of all items add 1 of {_item} to inventory of loop-player else if {@sameitem} = true: while {@blacklistblocks} contains {_item}: set {_item} to random item out of all items add 1 of {_item} to inventory of all players Pretty self explanatory, reply here or DM me on discord at @DanielK#0605 for further info. Suggestion for items to blacklist: debug sticks, ender gateways, structure void, void air, jigsaw blocks, bedrock, barriers, spawners, chain command blocks, repeating command blocks, and command blocks. Edit: Potted items, banners, and certain signs seem to be bugged and will not give anything, to prevent this you could put them in your blacklist.
  2. MFW Boxic gives me a virus. Just kidding, there's a whole lot in this file, and they're actually really good. Thank you for letting everyone use these.
  3. If you want, DM me on Discord and I can make it for you. @DanielK#0605
  4. Good skript but I like everybody getting different items.
  5. I'd suggest this over mine any day of the week, I do have one suggestion though, make a command / subcommand that makes it so you can look at all of one person's reports.
  6. I see a lot of people asking for these so I decided I'd just post the code here because of how extremely simple it is. every 30 seconds: loop all players: give loop-player 1 of random items out of all items
  7. I'm not entirely sure what exactly you're asking, but to start up your server, you can do /join (server name), in the lobby. If you're asking how to make your server stay up 24/7, currently you can't. You also can't edit your server while it's offline. You can only change your server while it's online. Hope this helps.
  8. Currently the world download on Minehut is having issues. It will most likely be fixed in the near future. Hope this helps.
  9. A lot of people seemed to like the last guy's report script, so I decided I would make a much more advanced one with all the same features and more. It has infinite pages, a GUI to show reports per player, remove all reports function, and you can remove them individually. It also broadcasts reports when they happen. It shows (in server time) when exactly it happened and who did it with what reason they had for doing it. I'm taking requests for future scripts in the comments. Requirements: Skript, TuSKe, and SKQuery link: https://hastebin.com/quheqenesu.rb reports.sk
  10. Would love to see this add-on added to Minehut, it could change the game for some of the more advanced Skripters adding so much more. Thank you for suggesting this plugin, I hope it gets added sometime in the near future.
  11. I don't see the correlation between knowing certain staff and finding out how mature someone is.
  12. I don't see why this should be relevant to applying for and getting staff, seems kind of biased that knowing staff could potentially raise your status to get accepted.
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