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  1. You can use a gamerule to prevent creepers exploding: /gamerule mobGriefing false
  2. Did you give any random users OP or creative on that server?
  3. Unfortunately for your case, there's no way of reverting it back to earlier versions. Hopefully in the future it might be a feature but for now your server will be kept on 1.16.1
  4. Chilkins

    Problem with voting

    Did you type your name correctly?
  5. You cant add plugins that aren't in the plugins section. If you'd like to suggest a plugin to be added tho you can go to the Plugins section of the forums or join the Minehut meta discord server and suggest a plugin to be added in the #plugins channel.
  6. Chilkins


    If you feel you've been unfairly punished you can fill out an appeal -
  7. Go into you're console > file manager > scroll to the banned ips folder > remove the ips from it.
  8. Unfortunately this is an error you cannot fix. Please I recommend doing /save-all before heading off as it will save the progress you've previously done in the secnario of a roll back.
  9. Minigames. Something like Skywars or duels or murder mystery would be a pleasure to play on Minehut.
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