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Offical club for skript on minehut.

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  2. sorry for the late reply but to load them you add a text file in the plugins>skript>scripts folder you name the text file (scriptname).sk when ingame to reload the skript you do /sk reload scriptname
  3. Hello, im a developer for a server that i know, the owner asked me and another player to make a skript, i would like to test my skripts but i dont know how to load them into minehut, thanks in advance :)
  4. Not much really, I've been scrapping and restarting quite a bit, planning on how I would like to implement things, Skript may be easy, but planning out details is not. I'm also working on "Core" Skript files for each of the Supernatural skripts, then working on the other parts. I'm working to make the Skript customization easier for sever owners, if they don't want to add a certain Supernatural to their server, they can disable it, then it automatically disables any spells from the Witches, then I will be adding an alternate way to receive the Supernatural abilities, if the server doesn't want witches. Trying to make the series of Skripts easy to configure they way the server owner want it to be. Although there's a line between what can actually be achieved through Skript and not, but either aim high or don't aim at all. I've been using Skript for a couple of years, still don't know everything and new expansions are coming out to help evolve the expansion of what Skript can do. I've tried the Skript alternatives, but they really don't hit the spot like Skript does. If you have any ideas for my series of Skripts, let me know.
  5. I like the idea how long have you been working on it, and do you have any progress done. Also good luck!
  6. So, I'm currently working on a huge skript, something that has taken me many retries. I find something that can simplify the process or a better way of doing something and I scrap it and start over, I'm working on a Supernatural skript, not like the TV show, but generic supernaturals, here are some of the supernaturals going to be apart of the Skript currently: - Vampire: - Classes: Original, High Born, Low Born, and Newborn. - The class chosen apart from the Original and Newborn Class, will depend on the class of your maker. Original Vampire can create High Born vampires, High Born vampire create, Low Born vampires, but every vampire starts off as a Newborn, excluding Originals. - Witches: Witch Type: -Grand Witch: Collected every spell known to witches. -Knowledgeable Witch: Has the necessary spells to keep the safe. -Novice Witch: Has just begun their magical journey. -Spells: - Protection Spell (Spell Type: Spirit Magic - Light, Witch Type: Novice Witch +) (Supernaturals, defined by spell, cannot entered blessed area), - Fireball (Spell Type: Spirit Magic - Light, Witch Type: Novice Witch +) (Offensive fireball that harms the target), - Daylight Ring (Spell Type: Spirit Magic - Light, Witch Type: Novice Witch +) (This creates a talisman that shields vampire's from the effects of the sun, can be terminated by the witch that used the spell at any time. ), ..etc. Those are two of the Supernaturals I'm expecting to implement.
  7. Grant.Sk Version 2.0 This version has some new features: -Menu -Customization ingame Example: Click me for the gif because importing videos broke :P Info: Requires Permissions EX for permissions Requires GroupManager PEX for permissions to work If there are any bugs DM me at Morememes#3426 Have a good day! Quote Edit

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