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Offical club for skript on minehut.

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  2. Bro it's been almost 2 years now and you still think it's a virus... I've gone through and examined every message and file Es2205 has sent. The Skripts that he has publicly uploaded is 100% safe, as long as players do not have the permission staff.punish, (even though like, why would you even do this) As stated over a year ago, .txt files can not give you viruses. What can give you viruses is files with fake extensions (i.e. NotAVirus.txt.exe), though Es2205's files do not have this. The txt files are skripts, nothing more. Skripts themselves can not give you viruses. Even the biggest risk of any sort of "virus" with skript would involve the addons SkUtilities or even Skript-Reflect, which can impact your server heavily if used wrong. Es2203's files do not require the dependency of either of those addons, and even if they did, the files do not give access to your server files, or your server in general. Your chrome thinking that a .txt file is a virus is dead wrong and you might need to fix that, because unless that .txt file is telling you directly to download other files, then .txt files pose no risk. The VirusTotal image i sent a long time ago is proof of that. Do not go and assume that the most recent thing you downloaded was a virus.
  3. Es2205's files have viruses. My computer got infected by a virus when I downloaded his Skripts for my server. Es2205 also hacked into my servers using the viruses in order to grief them.
  4. IDK if the is right can some one tell me please
  5. every 30 minutes: loop all players: if "%region of loop-player%" is "afk": console command "/givehearts %{_p}% 1" send "&cYou now have 1 more heart"
  6. After much time not focusing on Minehut I've decided to start another project. This server will be focused on pvp with elements of rpg. In the meantime while the server is being created you can join the discord. https://discord.gg/uADbjEx3EY
  7. You should use the "set chat format" effect: on chat: set chat format to "&e%player's display name% &7> &a%colored message%" Paired with the "colored" expression inside the %message%, you can allow users to chat with color and formatting codes. WHOOPS i just realized what you were trying to do I think this is the code you are looking for on chat: set the chat format to "&8[&a✯%{level::%player's uuid%}%&8] %colored player's prefix%&8%colored player's display name%: %message%" I have not tested this yet, and i will later, but i think you had simply forgotten some "colored" expressions
  8. I've updated the discord invite link as I've begun a new project and look forward to helping to revive this community.
  9. I need help with my gen server basically people would break a block and it would say you cant break this but in the spilt second they open like a chest threw a wall and steal stuff so basically people place a respawn beacon and then they tp in and raid there base So i need a block break delay for 0.5 seconds so after they break a block they cant break another for 0.5 secondscan someone help
  10. the problem is i cannot use color codes and with with the rank you can see in the screenshot it uses the &8 from the level bit so it completely ruins the rank and here is the prefix prefix.2.&#858270&k!&8[&#858270&lC&#858270&lO&#858270&lA&#858270&lL&8]&#858270&k! &#858270 on chat: cancel event broadcast "&8[&a✯%{level::%player's uuid%}%&8] %player's prefix%%player's display name%: %message%"
  11. I deleted the discord I might re make it
  12. hey i need help making a skript this is what i did its so bad on join: trigger: give %player% amtheyst shard named "Quirk shard" on use: give player amtheyst shard named "&cmaster shard" effect add %player% strength 1 on offhand 10% chance give player amtheyst shard named "&c op shard" effect add %player% strength 1 on offhand 10% chance give player amtheyst shard named "&cfire shard" effect add %player% strength 1 on offhand 10% chance give player amtheyst shard named "&c strength shard" effect add %player% strength 1 on offhand 10% chance
  13. on rightclick : name of player's tool is "&d&lHearts" console command "lifesteal lives %player% add 1" #This Should Work
  14. on right click: if player's held item is Nether Star named "&d&lHearts": Make console excute command:"lifesteal lives %player% add 1" please help i dont know what im doing wrong
  15. This should work im not sure tho options: rankname: RANKNAMEHERE # Make it the same as the luck perms rank name or else it doesnt work on rightclick with paper: name of the player's weapon is "&a&lRank token" make console execute command "/lp user %event-player% parent set {@rankname}" remove paper named "&a&lRank token" from player's inventory send "&a&lYou redeemd a rank token and got rank {@rankname}"
  16. I also am very good at scripting luckperms so I can help you setup all your ranks, set their individual permissions AND make the ranks show up in chat and tab!
  17. Hey Yorzo, I figuered out a way to make it myself! If you would like, I can supply you with the script!
  18. I do to Im trying to give ranks and make prefixes and this would be very helpful for this sort of thing i do not know how to tho
  19. I need help making a script that allows you to right click a an item it gives you a tag or rank...
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    • Skript : 2.6.5

      skript : Event-block condition


      Hi, is there a way to detect if i broke the event-block i've placed to cancel the "break event-block" ?

      Here is my current script:

      on place of sponge:
           "%region at event-location%" contains "test" or "redleft" or "redright" or "redTOP" or "blueleft" or "blueright" or "blueTOP"
          wait 26 ticks
          if event-block is sponge:
              break event-block


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      ? forgotten
    • In the file manager of your desired server, there is a box to the left side to every file/folder. Select everything you want to download and click the Download button. (The download button appears at the bottom once you select a file(s), It is the icon that is a folder with a down arrow on it.)

      To let you know though, You would need to purchase a server plan in order to download multiple files in bulk. Otherwise, you can only download one file at a time, not including folders with more then one file inside of them.

    • I had a minehut server for a little over a year. I don't play near as much as I used to and didn't want to pay to play so I let my subscription runout. Even though it says my plan is "starter" now, when I try and join the server it says can't be activated due to insufficient credits. I thought this plan was supposed to be free. But my issue is how do I download my world data from minehut so I can continue playing solo or on LAN? 

    • I apologize, i will correct myself, I recommend running the command killall arrows. (Since fireballs get removed by that command, along with all projectiles). 

      If it persists, i recommend contacting Minehuts support, as they will be able to look further into it then i can, and might be able to fix it, as they are super smart. https://app.minehut.com/support/form

    • Sorry that did nothing, it still has the exact same error, it was never like this before the downtime

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