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Offical club for skript on minehut.

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  2. Hi The_blue_sky555! I will now lock this post since it has been a month since it was last responded to. Please refrain from replying to such threads. Thanks!
  3. I suggest looking up some tutorials. Skript is very simple, and I'm sure you will get the hang of it easily!
  4. Do /sk reload all. It reloads every skript that you have made and saved onto minehut.
  5. anyone pls help me to understand how to use script i really want to make a server i have some cool ideas but i dont know how to make it with script
  6. discord is added to club and the link is: https://discord.gg/zJHzpEXJ5d
  7. I have not been really active on the forums or minehut, but as I have been working more and more on Plex and such, I think its time to have some mods for the server. Im gonna be making a discord and if any of you are willing to become a mod of the discord and club just go ahead and dm me at Morememes#3426.
  8. You might want to indent like this: command /setgenslots [<player>] [<number>]: permission: * trigger: [insert code here] use 4 spaces or tab to indent
  9. Use this! https://skriptlang.github.io/Skript/index.html This really helped my get on my way with Skript. I have learned a lot, and this is just a generally helpful resource.
  10. You can use the 'on ban:' or 'on kick:' event
  11. if you would still like help dm me (Zane#2663)
  12. Rewarding players for advertising is not longer allowed on Minehut. I would suggest not rewarding players as it could result in a punishment.
  13. i logged onto my server, and none of the skripts loaded on start. spawn, tags, etc wasnt loading. how do i fix this?
  14. you can make one by doing /scoreboard, just search up a vid on how to
  15. I really wanna skript but i cant try just messing around with it cause i dont know any basics. I need someone to teach me or atleast tips. Thx!
  16. i need a scoreboard skript for my smp server post it here.
  17. moderators can u please lock this post? thank u.
  18. HI i try to make ad reweds i getthis file from google but idk how to work ad.sk.txt
  19. Hey, this may be a little late, but here are a couple tutorial videos to begin with: Here are some great sites that give examples and show you how to use different syntaxes: https://skripthub.net/ https://skunity.com/ http://en.njol.ch/projects/skript https://skriptlang.github.io/Skript/index.html And if you are looking up how to do something specific or you have any problems such as your custom skript not working, there are plenty of youtube videos and threads online where you can find what you are looking for. Good luck!

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