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Hello y'all, this is my 2nd post but I may as well introduce myself.

I'm Criticyl, a Senior Moderator at Minehut. If you don't know what I do, I'm the community support lead. I manage the support team on forums and discord as well as creating tags that you can use at any time. Aside from that, let me talk a bit more about myself:

    I have been A Senior Moderator for a good 4 months now. I was promoted from Junior Mod to Senior Mod on June 21st 2019 . I decided to join the team for many reasons; I wanted to help the community in some way but never had the chance to do this on a large scale. I use to be a Support member myself back when the old team was founded. To achieve my goal of helping players around Minehut I decided to found the team again.

    - I have been a player on Minehut since 2014. I go by a few names throughout my years on Minehut, one noticeable one to a few players i the name "iiMelon". Ever since joining Minehut, I have never stopped to think about how much this server could help me improve as well as how I could benefit to the contribution of community support towards Minehut.

    - I currently own a server on Minehut called "Ruin", I wont go into detail in this post however I will go into more detail in the Servers category.

    Many of you may have heard my voice and think I'm some 17 year old playing MC however I'm currently the 2nd youngest (I believe) in the Minehut Staff Team. I was born on December 29 2004 which makes me 14 years of age.

    For anyone who decides to ask any questions, I do know how to Build and Skript. I do mainly skript however I do plan on moving away from skript and attempting to hone my skills for coding in general.

    - This links to the previous fact: I study Computer Science for my GCSE option (For those who don't know what GCSE's are: They are basically the final exam we take in secondary school which we get our qualifications from). I do also study subjects such as French, Geography and Triple Science for anyone who asks.

    I should have mentioned this earlier but I'm from the UK. I live in London as of now however my heritage is from Lithuania (Fun Fact: I'm the first person in my whole family to have been born outside of Lithuania).

And that's about it from me, If you have any questions then go ahead and reply to this post and I'll try and answer them as best as I can.

[VIP] - 2018/2019

[JR.MOD] - 28th April 2019
[SR.MOD] - 21st June 2019

[LEGEND] - 28th July 2020 (Resigned)


Discord - Criticyl#0002

IGN - Criticyl

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I don’t think i’ve heard of this ruin, are you referring to rooin?

Also England Squad 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

hey gamer! unless you're Jackson then you're toxic.

Senior Moderator since July 21st 2020

- Currently leading the Recruitment and Media Team.


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Hey iiMelon. Im McDonalds.


4 hours ago, Endgator said:

im confused lol, do you mean you don't know what the word means of you haven't heard of the server named Ruin?

Its a small "joke" that you wont understand.

Discord: thistle#1234
In Game: thistl

Minehut Community Support Member
Minehut Junior Moderator

Minehut Moderator
(12/30/19 - 07/11/20)




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