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  1. Earns Application Format Thank you for showing interest in becoming staff on Earns. This post will guide you through the format that you must fill out in order to be considered for a staff position, as well as go over some basic information that you should know before applying. General Criteria: Above the age of 15. General experience with chat moderation. Be in our Discord server. Have no major punishments within the past month of applying. Be active within our community (in game and on Discord.) If you believe you meet the above criteria, great! This application is split into 3 sections, general, background and scenario. The general section goes into a bit about you and gives us a general idea of who you are, the background section goes into your experience as a Moderator, past experience and your motivation for wanting to become staff on Earns. Finally, the scenario section goes over basic moderation scenarios that you may encounter as a staff member. Now you're ready to complete an application using the following format: General Preferred Name Preferred Pronouns Age Minecraft Username Discord Name (i.e muel#0001) Background What is your main motivation for wanting to join the staff team? What sets you apart from other applicants? Have you ever been staff on another server? If so, what were your main responsibilities? What are some of your greatest accomplishments outside of Minecraft? What do you typically do with your free time? Are you multilingual? (Fluent, not learning.) What are your strengths and weaknesses? Have you ever received a punishment on a server? If so, how have you grown from that? Scenario/Questions Please explain a situation where you have shown leadership. You get a report of a user abusing a glitch to get an unfair advantage, what do you do? What would you do if multiple accounts started spamming the chat, but you were the only online staff member? You get reports of a plot having NSFW builds on it, what would you do? You notice another staff member is abusing their permissions, what would you do? How would you make a support ticket, and what would they be used for? Think you have what it takes to join the staff team? Please copy and paste the above format into a post here and complete it. You'll receive a response within a week, if you don't, please message muel#0001 on Discord.
  2. Minehut Events Feedback Participated in one of our events? Please provide us with some of your personal feedback so we know what the community enjoys, and what we can improve on in the future. Any and all feedback is appreciated! To provide feedback, please comment on a thread that has the name of the event you wish to provide feedback on (make sure you're commenting on the right event!) You can include any information you wish as long as it is relevant to the event.
  3. Minehut Events Interested in suggesting a potential future event? Well you're in the right place! Please make a thread in this subforum with information relevant to your suggestion. We recommend you include some basic information, such as; the name of the event, basic description as well as any benefits of the event (such as the replay ability of it, easy to customise etc). Feel free to comment your opinions on any ideas that someone suggests to help us gather multiple opinions on it. Please keep your criticism constructive if you have any, thanks! We're trying to respond to all event suggestions on this subforum, so if you don't get a response to your idea, please reach out to muel#0001 on Discord.
  4. Minehut Community Staff Team 2014-2021 As some of you may be aware, following 9 am PST on May 17th, the staff team as we know it will be dissolved- this means that all current volunteers will have their permissions removed and the Moderator position will become an employed role. The staff team has come a long way following its introduction in 2014, with hundreds of staff members coming and going as time went on, this post is here to recall the contributions the volunteer team has made to Minehut in the past. For those who aren’t aware of the situation, the volunteer staff team is being removed and replaced with a smaller team of employed Moderators. This change comes from an unexpected start of the year for the team, with the mass resignation on March 8th to now. The team has been under increased pressure from SLG- leading to the unexpected closure of recruitment on April 9th. Following the closure of recruitment, the staff team’s activity began to decline with the senior staff members becoming inactive first, spreading through the rest of the team. Minehut is a revolutionary service on Minecraft, acting as a place for anyone to come and establish their own server, with its own community that behaves exactly like a normal server- but free. Now, with a service of any kind, you need a dedicated team of people to help moderate it and ensure that it is safe for anyone- this is where the staff team comes into play. The staff team has been at the heart of Minehut since its introduction and will continue to be post-Monday. Today, I’d like to take the time to thank each and every staff member who has contributed to the staff team in one way or another. We have come so far. From the day that the Mod and Senior Mod ranks were created in January 2016 to today, the staff has come a long way, dealing with constant bot attacks, the data breach and other hurdles- the staff team has somehow survived. Through various sub teams, staff members have contributed so much to Minehut, whether it be through the plugins team, media team, events team, recruitment team, meta team, reports and appeals team and even quality assurance, I'm sure the contributions that we have made to Minehut will go on for years. Staff Team Quotes Quotes from some current and past staff members. Ben87, Helper “Even though I had only one month as a Helper on Minehut, it really changed the way I think of the community and players on it. I love every single one of you guys as you made me feel extremely welcomed as a staff member on Minehut. I hope better things can come for all of us in the future and I'm sad to be leaving, but I have to leave the past behind me.” thistl, Moderator “lol k” Faacto, Moderator “too bad minehut isn’t the same anymore, now it's ****” Jackson85, Moderator “I would describe my time on the staff team with a massive essay, but instead I’ll use one simple word: grape.” chillins, Moderator “maybe if you spent more time being a good staff member instead of disecting my guide you'd not of gotten demoted.” dissecting* ReportCards, Moderator "cool" muelr, Senior Moderator “lets prep for him to say that like no more staff under 18 (5/10/21, 7:51pm)” PandaChan, Moderator “It's been fun moderating Minehut for the past few months, I've made a ton of memories with this team. While it's been a rough year, to say the least, I'm still gonna miss everyone. I wish the new staff team good luck!” BurningBrimstone, Helper “Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful time as part of the community and staff team. It has been an outstanding 3 years on Minehut and I can't wait to experience what's in the future as we move on from this era. Much love.” SilentF1ame, Moderator “I had a great time moderating on the staff team and wish all of the future moderators good luck and I hope to see you all in the community in the future” Reassembly, Moderator “It was a good time, but everything has an ending, I will always have my messages open and yall can dm me at any time” bobyjoey12, Helper "It's been a wonder working with this community, helping resolve issues. I may not be a helper anymore, however I'll still always be more than happy to help anyone out. Thank you all for the wonderful memories of my 3 months as a helper :)." sqyid, Senior Moderator “Tough scenes” swirs, Moderator “vinixs is fake” Migins, Moderator “I’m going to cry over this” R2n, Ex-Moderator “SHEEEEEEEEESHHHHHHH” Tresre, Helper “Thanks to everyone who made the time we had great, had some amazing memories and experiences. It was awesome to be able to work with y'all and I'll never forget it. Its been a great nearly 2 years, Minehut.” Tarna, Moderator “I had a really great time moderating and helping the community for the past few months. I'm sad to see the community staff team is coming to an end but can't wait to see of what they have planned in the future. Thank you all for the fun times!" fjsu, Moderator "it was fun, gonna miss everyone" _Gingey_, Ex-Manager "See I wanted to add a quote, but I've got no idea what to say.." Criticyl, Ex-Senior Moderator "yikes" ReportCards, Moderator "cool" rosathorn, Helper "I’m very grateful of all the time I got to spend here. I’ve been apart of Minehut ever since it was a Warzone server, nothing more, finally sometime around a month ago I achieved Helper. Since then I’ve worked hard to maintain my position. While this saddens me I’ll still be active in the community, making servers, and devving for other servers too. Making servers here has not only become a hobby of mine, but a passion over the past 2 years. Minehut also got me into coding around 2 years ago, starting with Skript until I learned more. Thank you Minehut." Henr, aka Pixelific, Ex-Senior Moderator "remember me" Jellz, Ex-Senior Moderator "I loved my time on the staff team. Thanks to everyone who made me love it."
  5. Please don't comment on posts that have been inactive for a month or longer, thanks! Locked
  6. ! The message above has been flagged for being fake news.
  7. muelr

    How can I make an op?

    To OP a user, please do the follow command in your server command. The server command can be found on your panel. BEDROCK -> /op *(username) JAVA -> /op (username)
  8. Unfortunately we cannot get you the account email due to account security. If you cannot remember the email, you can try entering emails into the forgot password popup and keep trying until you get an email for one of the emails. If you didn't enter a legitimate email address when setting up your account, then your account may unfortunately be lost as you will not be able to reset the password. If you join sircarec and type /seed to get the server IP, you do need operator permissions to perform this command though.
  9. Nie można zmieniać wersji serwera, ale można zainstalować protokół ProtocolSupport, aby umożliwić łączenie się poprzednim wersjom. Moved to Help
  10. An auto miner would be cool. Minehut user's tend to enjoy AFK-based gamemodes so having an auto miner would combine that into it which could attract more users.
  11. muelr

    Cant make myself Op

    To make yourself OP please do the follow commands in the server command section of the panel. JAVA - /op (username) BEDROCK - /op *(username) If these don't work, then please respond and I or someone else will get back to you.
  12. Hey, sorry you've been experiencing these problems. The developers have been working on resolving these issues for a while now. Recently, the lag that servers have been experiencing has been decreasing and I, personally, have not been experiencing much of it.
  13. Minehut Media Team Hey! We wanted to take the time to update everyone on our policies in regards to the Media Team. Criteria Changes Whilst we do have specific requirements for certain platforms, we have a set criteria that all creators must meet prior to them applying, this includes: - Must be above the age of 14. - Must not have a severe punishment history on Minehut. - Create family-friendly content. - Be willing and able to produce Minehut content. - Produce original content, mainly Minecraft-related. - Have an active channel. -> This general criteria allows us to avoid channels that have been bought or have illegitimate subscribers from joining the team. It also ensures that the content that is produced is suitable for younger demographics. Youtubers - Have 2500 legitimate subscribers on your channel. - Must have more than 20 videos on your channel prior to applying. - Have a history of reaching 500 views on your content. - Meet the general criteria. Streamers - 30 concurrent viewers on your streams, not at peak time. - Have a history of consistently reaching 120 views per video. - Meet the general criteria. * Please note that whilst we have requirements, we encourage everyone to apply. The requirements only apply to those interested in applying, anyone who we reach out to is not subject to them. * All applicants are highly recommend to record/stream on Minehut prior to applying, although it is not required. Benefits of the Media Team So, you're interested in applying? Being a part of the Media Team gives you access to a few things that can help you produce content on Minehut. - Credits for Creations - Promotion/Advertisements - In-game cosmetics Interested in applying? Click here to apply! If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to me, muel#0001, on Discord.
  14. Hey! I'm muel and I've been a member of the staff team since August 1st 2019. I became a Senior Mod the following year in July 2020 after I took a short break from December -> April. Welcome back to Minehut!
  15. Please don't respond to topics that have been inactive for a month or longer. Locked
  16. Please use the servers subforum to advertise your server, thanks! Moved
  17. Without your email there isn't much you can do to get back into the account. I suggest you check your email and search for Minehut to see what email the account confirmation was sent to. Then using that email, you'll be able to reset your password and get back into your account.
  18. When installing plugins onto your server, you must restart your server after installing them for them to fully work. You can check if a plugin isn't fully installed by doing /pl and seeing if any plugins appear red. Certain plugins also have dependencies, meaning they need other plugins to work alongside them for them to function properly. You can find if a particular plugin has a dependency through google.
  19. muelr


    You can find all the plugins you can add to your server on the panel. To then find all the commands that come with the plugins, you can then google the commands that come with that particular plugin. Hope this helped!
  20. Hey, in order to delete your account you need to make a support ticket. You should title your ticket Account deletion request and they can delete your account for you. Hope this helped!
  21. Received: MacBook Air, Clothes, Shoes Gave: Candle, Gloves, Clothes, Fancy Picture
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