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Friend can't join, says outdated server!?!?!?!



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5 hours ago, Monkeyz said:

I started a server and my friend cannot connect to my server. I have tried making different servers but everyone time it says outdated server. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure youre connecting with 1.14.4

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Hello @Monkeyz,

The server version is always updated some time after a new version of Minecraft is release so Minehut stays up to date with all their servers. Some solutions there is to solve your issue is your friend isn't on the current version for Minehut servers. If he is not and he likes his version I suggest downloading a plugin called "Protocol Support" this allows other players to connect to your Minehut server from previous versions. This also may affect other plugins on your server or known skripts that you may use. 

Any questions feel free to tag me with a reply or a quote! Have a good day.

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If they are playing pre-1.15 then you need to allow older versions by downloading

ViaVersion provides the base for the next 2 plugins
ViaBackwards allows 1.9-1.14.4 to connect
ViaRewind allows 1.8-1.8.8 to connect

If there is some other problem please reply with more information!


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