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  1. Go head to the appeals section in the forums HERE FORMAT HERE
  2. If It's still not letting you join follow this DANGER ZONE -> Repair Files By clicking that it may cause data loss and clicking it you agree to what may happen.
  3. Reset your world, make sure It isn't flat and add the seed restart and then It should be there, Also, make sure the seed isn't courted and make sure to get one that you know that works for sure.
  4. That will not be needed, @PumpfakeLEFT, Before you leave always do /save-all
  5. Hello! If you having trouble please do the following commands! Permissions Ex /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.small /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.medium /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.large /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.extralarge Group Manager /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.small /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.medium /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.large /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.extralarge Luck Perms /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.small /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.medium /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.large /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.extralarge What this does is gives the group permission to anything you want. Do that command that falls under what ranking system they have. for tp is essentials.tpa or essentials.tp. For all essentials permission nodes here is a link https://pastebin.com/z3ZYjqKW Hope this solved your problem! To support me like this post!
  6. If you're still having this problem follow the steps below Open Panel -> Danger Zone -> Repair Files This may cause some data loss but It'll fix your issue if you're still having trobule!
  7. write a big birthday card like on a doc with a lot of members saying happy bday trimmed out and posted on a doc (My bday is in 2 days <3)
  8. Did you op you and your admins?
  9. https://superleague.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015767054-Downloading-and-uploading-survival-guide Follow that and that should get you good.
  10. Next time, before you restart remember to do /save-all it will keep your progress.
  11. He/she was actually such a big help to me, and they're very knowledgeable about Minehut and its features.



  12. Minipixel


    Hello, People whose signs glow means there are more playslots then 10-20 so get this enchanted sign you will need to spend credits a day on player slots.
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