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  1. Hello @brobie1kanobi, If you are talking about a box that you could fold and unfold into forum posts I suggest using the Spoiler feature. Everyone clicks on those, for example click the box below to unfold and re click to fold.
  2. Hello @FlyingSnekCannon, As of Minecraft Dev version 1.4.2, mobs have the ability to travel through portals. Thus to answer your questions above: Yes, they can. This now applies to all mob entities, including the Wither and Enderdragon bosses. Depends on how you are playing your game (ie game difficulty) You will not be able to travel through the portal instantaneously, but mobs can. Also, the player now can go through the nether quicker, as of 12w38a. As for mob behavior, they do not chase you into the portals. They may wander into the portals, but not by following the player.
  3. Good Luck to everyone, Hope to see you on the team
  4. Hello @p66, If what @xMuelsaid wasn't resolving your issue there is a way to fix it. Read the warning below before following the steps listed below this message. Open up your Minehut Server Panel, once at the main page go ahead and click on Danger Zone, once there you should see 3 Options. One is Force Stop, the second one is Reset Server, the 3rd one is Repair Files, that is the one you click. I'm not at fault for any server loss, or build loss. I do suggest downloading your world. If you need help throughout this process feel free to add my discord at Dussk#3078 and link this thread to me.
  5. Hello @Origami_CL, Is it possible that you have a skript that's disabling them or disabled them via essentials I don't know how they disable through essentials but Some people have done it. Also, type /cp inside your Minehut Server and click on the the icons until you find a menu you of all the buckets, An operator may have disabled a Mob Spawn bucket inside the control panel so I suggest you check.
  6. Hello @Alx_1010, The best way for you to try to make this happen is to post it in suggestions and re-title your title. So I also see it was moved to Community Support, I think it should've been moved to Suggestions, @CyberRyan.
  7. Hey @Fob823, If you think that is the case then I suggest you find a different pack. If this is still not working for you I'd be happy to talk to you over Discord, Add me at Dussk#3078 and provide a link of your thread, I don't need access to anything just going to guide you through it.
  8. Minipixel


    Hello @Anothuor, Server loss can come from failure to save the world prior to the server shutting down. This can be fixed by getting a skript with auto save or /save-all before logging out of your server as this can save the latest thing you've done to your server. Failure to do so may result in rollback. So, before you shut the server down or leave it unattended with 0 players online type "/save-all"
  9. Hello @DontRezzMe, By default everyone has permission to view a servers plugins, A lot of server owners revoke this privilege due to safety and copy reasons. I do suggest always blocking the command for normal members as it puts your server at risk of getting copies of wannabe's etc. Also, the message is quite explanatory. You need to have permissions to access the command, Or you have to have op given from an Administrator, Manager, Or Owner.
  10. Hello @hedgehoghijinx, Minehut servers can be remotely started to anyone who types "/join {servername}" As long as they are white-listed if that's on, and not banned. I do /server to get into servers like "/server beans" If the server is offline and you try to do that command it will say the server can't be found. So make sure to tell your friends to do /join and make sure they have access to the server to a sense of if it's whitelist make sure they're whitelisted and if they're banned because you guys are trolling that you can unban him otherwise you guys will be just fine.
  11. Hello @jamesvan300, It seems to me that you are trying to host the server from your computer. Minehut servers are hosted online from their host. If you are implying that in the file section you didn't get a file and it is failing to start I would recommend a reset on your server. But as I said before you can't host your server from your network on your computer minehut has their own unique ways to host your server.
  12. Hello @Nutterie, To my knowledge based on what you've stated you only use the basic commands for essentials correct? If this is true make sure you don't have excess plugins that you have installed for other times and plan ahead for that as Minehut Player Servers have limited ram which can be upgraded with credits by purchasing player slots. If you only have the essentials plugin maybe you have done something to the world that causes major lag like multiple piles of dropped loot, or something that seems a bit extreme. Those are some possibilities of the lag from your server.
  13. Molly is some sort of Pokemon now apparently. (Jk)
  14. Hello @Popart, I'm not aware of Minehut reaching max server capacity recently so this may be a plugin or a file issue. If you are seeing unknown or unused skripts or plugins on your server remove them until deemed necessary. If you are unsure of what may be wrong with your issue follow the steps listed below. I am not at fault for any damaged file, Server loss, or any loss valuable item/thing, or build upon repairing files. This may cause server loss. I suggest downloading your world, and making sure you can safe important configs. Please do not show hateful comments. I'm just a Forums Support Member. From the main panel you can see the lowest tab, It's called "Danger Zone" Once you click on that tab you may see the following options, "Force Stop" Don't click this it Immediately stops your server and puts it into hibernation. Next to it you'll see "Reset Server" DO NOT Click that for this issue it completely deletes and resets your entire server. What you are looking for is "Repair Files" it repairs core files that are preventing the server from starting. This should fix your issue if not please reply for further support! If you have any questions or statements feel free to reply to my message.
  15. Hello @Avrox, Yes, when players are sending too many packets this may happen. It can happen from low internet speed, and connection. If you are experiencing high ping or excessive packets it may be because you are on a Modified Client such as Forged, Jigsaw, any client that isn't an normal Minecraft version. If you are on original Minecraft you may have other siblings or are taking up the internet speed, or your router is being slow. You may try to close all you un-used background apps and maybe reset your router if needed. If you are living with other people I suggest making sure they're ready for you to reset it before someone gets upset. If you have any questions or statements feel free to reply.
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