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  1. Awesome!! This should be all the updates for the plugins for my server. You are awesome! Thank you! Keep up the good work!
  2. Here is the link for the Core Protect update: http://www.coreprotect.net/download/ Also, Quick Board needs to be updated: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/15057/ As well as Placeholder API: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/placeholderapi.6245/ Thanks in advance!
  3. GIve it time, they are still considered a "member" in the forums. Chances are they are just getting started. Thank you for the updates Pop! Good luck and congrats on that role!
  4. I'm sorry I am just seeing this, I hope you got it to work by now. If not, I think you may need to add a "..to all players where [input is {staff::*}]" on line 6. Just a guess, but if that doesn't fix it, I'll be glad to help fix it if you want to send me what you are seeing.
  5. Here is the link Also, I know it was mentioned in other posts, but Vault and Placeholder API have updates ready too.
  6. Congrats to all the new JrMods! Looking forward to seeing you all and what good you do!
  7. Wouldn't have been easier to just say "We updated ALL of the plugins!" Nice job ladies and gentlemen!!
  8. I'll try to keep this short and sweet, as the title says it all. Here is the link for the download to update TuSKe.
  9. So I made this for someone else and thought others would like to use it for their servers as well. It's a simple "clicks per second" tester for seeing if players are using auto clickers, I'm sure it could come in handy for clicker servers or something.. The default cps is set to 10 (which can obviously be adjusted) but I had issues getting higher than that with my "jitter smash" which is pretty fast (no big deal, but it's kinda a big deal ). I also added the command /addtostaff to put ops on a list to warn them of a player is exceeding what the cps is set to. This way they can w
  10. That's great to hear Molly, now to figure out how to make the forums thrive more! Ya know, stand out. Like for example, credit rewards for being the first VALID reporting of outdated plugins. Or maybe a credit (mention) on the site for suggesting plugins MH ends up using. "MC plugin name stuffs here: Description of blah blah. Author: Coolest guy | Suggestor: Slightly less but still coo kid"
  11. I don't mean to offend. It just seems like most communication or in general convo's are going on more in Discord than here. Sometimes it's hours or days before I see responses on topics here. This was merely meant to get an idea/feel for what the public thinks on how to "spice it up" a bit.
  12. I for one like the thought of having as many avenues to go down here for getting information and making suggestions. But I personally think: Minehut forums are dying! It seems too quiet and less chatter in here (unless you are following a "count til staff answers" thread or something). But we as a community are the ones who need to help them add the features we want to see on here. SO here's a few questions to ponder... What would make you come back here to see what's posted? What would you add to bring more people to the forums again and why? ALSO Before you
  13. It's because of the update to paper servers. You can up your "RandomTickSpeed" to make it work closer to the "0 tick" concept. Though I haven't tried this myself, I've heard of upping it to around the 200 to 500 range and being closer to working. But keep in mind that makes ALL growth sped up.. so.
  14. Oooohhh, ME likey!! Congrats on a job well done staff! Not only will that lighten the load for support with having to rollback servers for every Tom, Dick and Harry filing a support ticket over a grass block taken out (), but puts it "completely in your control." Genius!! Keep up the good work!
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