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  1. What gives you that impression? PS It works fine on 1.15, if you are referring to SkUnity saying its only up to 1.14: ^^^^ That is why, SkUnity has no option for 1.15 .... STILL!!
  2. This will never be added to MH SkUtil is super outdated, and severely broken in MC versions 1.13+ not to mention it opens up some back doors into Minehut's backend, which renders it unsafe to use.
  3. Skript-Paper is a Skript add-on that adds a bunch of events/conditions/expressions that are only available on, you guessed it, PAPER! Paper adds some really cool api, which this addon takes advantage of. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skript-paper.709/ Thanks for reading -ShaneBee
  4. ShaneBee


    SkStuff hasn't been updated in 3 years. Theres a good chance it won't even work on newer server versions or with Skript 2.3+ (since there were many many changes) As Nd_ said, use Sk-NBeeT, it has plenty of NBT support.
  5. I would like to suggest the addition of the Skript addon Kosmos Kosmos allows different controls for worlds, ie setting game rules. Kosmos was originally part of MundoSK until the dev of that plugin decided to split the plugin up into smaller addons https://forums.skunity.com/resources/kosmos.726/ I would like to also suggest updating SkNBeeT to 2.9.0. I added a cool new block data expression and I know a lot of people are super antsy to use this feature. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/sk-nbeet.704/ Thanks for reading!
  6. The times this has been suggested... Skript-mirror allows you to virtually write anything in Java, which could allow a user to attack/hurt/damage/break the Minehut network. Since Skript-mirror allows you to write almost anything in Java, there's really no way to block certain usages, as theres thousands of possibilities that would need to be blocked. Long story short = This will never get added. In the future I recommend if you are going to suggest something, look thru previous posts as this has been suggested numerous times.
  7. ShaneBee


    If you want plugins, you need to put the name of the plugin and a link to it.
  8. They do. Bedrock is cross platform for Windows 10, mobile (android and iPhone), xbox one and Nintendo Switch. Playstation didn't join bedrock (yet), my guess is due to the fact that to play online you have to log into an Xbox Live account (in all fairness and in Sony's defence, why the heck would they want PS4 players logging into an Xbox account? - I believe Sony/Microsoft recently came to some agreement for cross platform gaming which may mean PS4 could possibly be joining bedrock in the near(ish) future)
  9. events (on jump), effects (player visibility info), expressions(ping, TPS) theres also a bunch of other stuff but I have a feeling it won't work, as it has to do with the server list
  10. Just go to the plugins tab and add whatever plugins you want. Yes it saves automatically. No, you can't keep it running 24/7
  11. Why the heck are you formatting slots with Tuske but then using vanilla Skript to deal with the click events? Since you are using Tuske to format the slots, include your effects in your GUI slot formats
  12. ShaneBee

    Some Updates

    Just a small list of my plugins which need updates - HungerGames - Sk-NBeeT - Sk-Perm
  13. ShaneBee

    Mods or Plugins?

    You ask a question, then you kind of seem to stand up for mods, like plugins stand no chance in this thread. I vote plugins. Why? Because you can modify quite a bit of the server. I understand you have limitations as a lot is still handled client side, but you can still do quite a bit. Your players do not require any mods. For a first time player, mods are very convoluted and very confusing. The first time I tried joining a modded server I couldn't figure anything out. After a while someone told me about the Technic launcher. That made things easier for sure. I joined a couple servers that had a CRAP ton of mods, to the point it lagged my client so damn hard. (1 ex: I was helping someone with some scripting stuff in their mod pack, they had (no joke) 150+ mods. My clients lag was thru the roof) I don't know enough about the modded community to really give an opinion on it, but it seems like they update slow. Forge for example just came out recently with a working 1.13.x version, just in time for MC 1.14 to come out. Forge for 1.14 just came out about 7 days ago. If we were to compare Spigot, they came out the same day MC released 1.14. Spigot plugin based servers make it a lot easier on players. I totally get there are players out there that understand modded servers quite a bit more and find it super simple, but a lot don't. Personally, I would love to give modding a try. I am doing quite well with the Spigot/Bukkit API, I find it relatively easy. I took a peak at the Forge API and it scared the heck out of me (haha) but then again that's probably just because Im so used to Spigot now that anything else seems so very different!
  14. I literally just came on here to put the same thing Haha so obviously: +1 <-- should be added to the panel's server properties
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