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  1. Im not exactly sure who told you that, but as one of the devs of Skript and the one who does Skript releases, I can tell you we have no plans for 2.5.4 anytime soon. As for event related issue, we have not heard any reports regarding events. According to bStats, currently there are 1600+ servers running Skript 2.5.3, I have yet to hear any issues regrading events.
  2. It has been suggested dozens of times to add Skript-mirror/reflect: https://forums.minehut.com/search/?q=skript-mirror&quick=1 Long story short, it's a no.
  3. I have to admit this is a silly reason not to add a plugin. While I understand the rules, the plugins are NOT listed publicly on the website, they are only accessible via the server's plugin list in the dashboard. On that note, the name itself does not directly imply drugs or alcohol. If I'm not mistaken, the user can edit the beverages to other names, such as "Kombucha", "Fruit Punch" or "Goblin Elixir"... no harm there. Also, a user is fully capable of creating an identical system to this using Skript. A plugin that adds guns is allowed. Minecraft itself has weapons to KILL players and other entities. In general it seems odd to deny a plugin such as this because of the "content" it contains, when the content in real life isn't even illegal, where as killing is (PS Im not saying MH should remove killing, please don't... AHHH NO). I've used this plugin in the past and its quite fun.
  4. Sounds more like a waste of time than a useful resource. You should create/post/suggest useful resources than many would use, not just some spammy plugin.
  5. There was a small issue with a structure size limitation, this has now been fixed in 1.8.3 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skbee-skript-addon.75839/update?update=370524
  6. - SharpSK = outdated and no need to add it, its mostly useless. It hasn't been updated in years - SkDragon = already on minehut - Skellett = already on minehut - SkQuery = already on minehut - SkRayFAll = already on minehut - SkStuff = outdated and no need to add it, its mostly useless. It hasn't been updated in years - skUnity = a website not an addon - SkUtilities = Severely outdated and they already stated they will not add it - Tuske = already on minehut (did you not bother to look what's available?) - Umbaska/WildSkript = severely outdated and don't work on 1.13+
  7. ShaneBee


    Plugin Description: ""Manhunt to track people. For more info go on dreams youtube channel."" Very descriptive. Whats it do? Why we do need it?
  8. ShaneBee


    1) When requesting a plugin, please post the link to it 2) Paper has a built in system which is better than PandaWire. Im not sure if its enabled or not. If its not, it should be enabled or at least give the users an option for this.
  9. There are tons of Skript addons. Some old, some outdated, some broken, some that work, some that are great, some that suck, some that provide damaging exploits, etc. If you want a Skript addon added, you need to specify which one you want/need as well as provide a link to said addon. Simply saying "all the addons" is not going to get anything added, since the staff of Minehut are not going to research which addons can/can not be added to Minehut.
  10. This has been asked for many times, and the answer has always been no. Why? Well because Skript-mirror essentially allows you to write anything in Java. which in turn could be used to break/hurt/harm the Minehut network. This won't be added for the same reason you can not upload custom Java plugins of your own.
  11. I'm not exactly sure what gave you this impression that Sk-NBeeT would stop working?!?! That is not how plugins work. Yes, SkBee takes over Sk-NBeeT, and yes Sk-NBeeT is no longer being updated, but that doesn't mean Sk-NBeeT will stop working. Plenty of MH users still use Sk-NBeeT and it works fine. On that note, a couple people have already suggested this plugin to be added. Hopefully MH will add it in their next round of plugin updates.
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