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Cross Play Servers?



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Hey there,

Below is the information you need to login to bedrock.

VERSION: 1.16.201
SERVER IP: bedrock.minehut.com
PORT: 19132
DEVICES: iOS, Android, Win10

Bedrock support is currently in beta. This might be why you might be experiencing issues with bedrock.

When connecting to a server you must connect from the lobby, player server IPs do not currently work on bedrock.

Additionally, you can read this CFAQ for more information. https://forums.minehut.com/topic/33758-how-to-connect-to-minehut-on-bedrock/

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6 hours ago, 556Nikolai said:

But its not working


Check what version you are using. If you are using 1.16.210, that is probably why it isn't working. Minehut hasn't updated gesyer to it yet. But it should be working if you are using 1.16.201

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2 hours ago, 556Nikolai said:

How can i cange versions?

I don’t believe it’s possible to change bedrock versions in the app. I think you would need some modifier to do so.

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