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Minehut Newsletter | September Edition


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   Happy September Minehut Community! It's a new month, and that means another edition of the Minehut Newsletter! This time, we're proud to unveil a completely new design and new team members. More information about the team members can be found in the Newsletter itself. Applications for the team are now closed, and all accepted applicants have been reached out to.

   Next up, I'd like to address the future of the Creative Team. With this restructure, we're going to be able to produce much more content than just one newsletter every month. We plan on expanding further into more ideas and are currently working on a new one that we can't wait to share. Of course, if you have an idea for something else that you would like us to accomplish, please reach out to me on any Minehut platform. I will be happy to take it into consideration!

   This month, we've decided to remove MWAY to focus solely on Writers Monthly. Writers Monthly will be a monthly writing contest with a given topic. Each month, the winner will be featured in the next edition of the Newsletter and given 500 credits! If you're interested, be sure to check out the Creative Contest section within the Newsletter for rules.

    After further reviewing previous editions, we've decided to try to spice up the Newsletter's sections. We're going to be shifting towards more variety and more changing sections. Of course, we plan on having some recurrent sections still, however, there will be way more changing ones than previously.

   Before I finish this post, I'd like to address a concern that was brought to me last edition, and it was that the August Newsletter lacked our quality that we had before and didn't feel right. Your claims were completely valid and I made sure to take them to heart. I ensured that we gave this our all this time, and you should expect this from us from now on. 

   That covers everything. Reach out to me if you have any concerns or ideas, and the link to read the Newsletter can be found below. Cheers!

Writers Monthly Submission: https://forms.gle/Y47J7z5NBNZX43zh6

Read The Newsletter here

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Awesome job! This looks epic 😉 Great job.


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This looks awesome! Great work.

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