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Fake Minehut moderators in my friend's server.



Earlier today, a pair of fake Minehut moderators joined my friend's server. Here are a few things that I noticed.

First point: One said "Minehut works closely with Mojang and if you continue your actions your account will be removed for toxicity" to my brother, and I know that Minehut is a third party company, and even if they did work with Mojang, toxicity is not against the rules. (Not trying to be rude)

Second point: They were placing "official signage" all over the place and griefing our builds and bases. They even killed my friend's pet dog in-game.

Third point: At first they said they were streamers, second they said that they were critics, then they said that they were admins, then they said they were mods. They also threatened to remove Isaac319's server within 2 days.

Fourth point: They were putting "health code violations" and "building code violations" everywhere, including Isaac's drowning room. They were calling it "bad for the workers" even though Isaac has no workers in his base!

Fifth point: They were breaking Minehut rules.

Sixth point: A "Microsoft Bot" joined and they said not to interact with that account and that it would be removed in a day.

Thanks for reading my semi-rant. I will accompany this with the chat log (with my commentary, sometimes in parens).

You may go to bigboys6.minehut.gg to inspect the damage and the griefing that they did.


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At least you didn't believe them lol - you can report them HERE if you want.

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Here is a list of Minehut Staff. https://forums.minehut.com/staff/

You should also whitelist your server if its private. Do /whitelist on then /whitelist add <player> and just add whoever you want to be able to join. You should also report them like Minehut said above. 

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