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Minehut: Texas Edition


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   For years, Minehut has undergone massive changes. From the web based panel to lobby updates, the server has made many transformations. However, one thing has remained untouched and that is an update for our partners down yonder. Today I am proud to present to you: Minehut: Texas Edition.

    When brainstorming this update we decided that a lot had to be changed for this to truly revolutionize Minehut. We started out with translating the panel. As you can see from the photos shown, we hired top of the line experts to assist us in this process.

    We then considered the fact that we have many Texans in game so we must translate there as well. Below is a quick peak of a language selector that is currently being worked on. We hope to include pirate speak by 2026.

    Finally, we had extensive user feedback programs to make sure that the culture was truly implemented. Here’s what some had to say:

Ashley - "The server host? Flawless. The server plans? Inspirational. Briskets? Delicious."

Crewly - "yee haw pew pew alabama sucks innit"

Goose - "im not sure what im supposed to say here, i'll say it's great"


With feedback like this, it was impossible to not perfect the panel in every way. However, during the designing phase of this we have to admit, there were a few hiccups. The main one being the fact that there was a huge panel update recently. We had laid all of the groundwork and were ready to pitch until this happened. This setback will cost us another 3 years, 6 months, and 8 days so don't expect a release any time soon. We have included some new renderings along with the original ones.

We hope that you're all excited as we are! Live from the Super League basement, I'm Jackson, signing out.

P.S. This is in no way official or affiliated with Super League Gaming. Also, there are definitely 64 compasses in the normal lobby hotbar.





panelfixed (2) (1).png


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Great update, almost as great as that one lobby update where they placed a block in the lobby, and that's saying something!

Can't wait to use this update, going to switch to pirate speak when it gets released

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