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  1. You ask the toughest questions Richie
  2. on join: while player is online: updateSidebar(player) wait 3 ticks function updateSidebar(p: player): # Update sidebar here This will update every 3 ticks in a efficient manner, just remember to rejoin once you update or add this skript, and never remove the wait
  3. if you have the plugin 'CoreProtect' use the command /co rollback r:100 t:10h This will rollback 10 hours in a very large radius, but you need CoreProtect installed beforehand
  4. If you also were muted, attempting to speak in chat should show the punishment reason.
  5. By default, all servers support bedrock edition. You can connect to bedrock servers using these steps: - Head over to multiplayer on bedrock - Connect using the ip bedrock.minehut.com - Join your server by using /join <server name> Note that bedrock is still in testing and may produce bugs
  6. This is very accurate
  7. I remember when tons of people did VIP giveaways, it's how I even got VIP
  8. Great update, almost as great as that one lobby update where they placed a block in the lobby, and that's saying something! Can't wait to use this update, going to switch to pirate speak when it gets released
  9. you're pretty epic yourself
  10. This was a very fun event, I'm pretty sure the server also got ~107 people on the same time before it crashed which is a insanely large number when it comes to events. This was a very unique event and can't wait for the next one. Oh also I won something yeeeee
  11. Just to expand, servers have a 16x16 spawn protection where you spawn, once you exit that region you will be able to place/break and modify the terrain.
  12. Santio71

    unban me

    This isn't the place to appeal, information regarding that can be seen here
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    This requires the plugin Citizens CMD. You can add commands to npc using this command: /npcmd add <console | message | none | permission | server | sound> <command> [-n]* [-l] [-d <delay>] Anything in [ ] is optional. Anything in < > is required | stands for "or"
  14. StarWards and another one that I'm making. Totally not biased or anything like that
  15. You can't close posts I believe, this is so if anyone else has the same question they can come to this thread
  16. what are you putting for the world name?
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    Head over to the dashboard and find the server you want to give yourself permissions on. Click on "Edit Server" and run the following command /op <your name here> Once you do that, you should have operator status giving you access to every command.
  18. You can report users following these instructions
  19. Try changing the tickspeed in console when its starting up. If that doesn't fix the issue you can attempt to fix this by going to the Danger Zone and clicking Repair Files. If those 2 solutions don't work you're going to need to contact support and they should respond to you soon through email.
  20. Minehut is using SpigotMC 1.15.2 on a proxy.
  21. Unfortunately I don't believe Minehut has a plugin to accomplish this, sorry
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