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Which plugin allows you to use teleport player to world


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I am trying to set it so on join, the player is teleported to a world. I asked on the Minehut forumsand someone said do teleport player to world "insertworldhere", but it doesn't work. They said they might have an addon that I don't, but I don't know what it is. Please help.


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Do you have multiverse? if so you can give the default rank the permission for multiverse world teleport and do this:


on join:
	make player execute command "/mv tp <world>"


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10 hours ago, MrScopes said:

This is actually in vanilla, just use the teleport function. Here's an example:

command /world [<text>]:
		teleport player to location(0, 255, 0, (arg parsed as world))


Thanks, but I will just use Multiverse.

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