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Free Servers Back to 1gb / 10 slots

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Guest Kachowster
23 hours ago, vip2kea said:

Glad the maintenance was a success.

"success" Server has been running a metric crap ton slower, and lagging more often, even with 3 players on, I don't count that as success, I call that issue production. Please fix your servers minehut...

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So is everyones server still getting reset back to only 10 players once summer ends- or is that no longer applicable due to only some people getting the 20 players now?

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On 6/27/2019 at 9:04 PM, Trent said:

I mean you can still upgrade to 2gb with us if you'd like. 2gb is a lot to be giving away for free and you can't find that anywhere else.

I’ve found a host that does 2 1gb servers (for mini-games) one 512MB server (For BungeeCord) and a 2GB one for my hub all for £4 a month and £2.40 Semi-annually so imma have to switch to a paid host... also is there any way that I could download my worlds?

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My server doesn't show up, even though it says "online" on the webpage. If you try to join, it just sends you to the lobby.


My friends and I were waiting to get back on the server since we just finished our exams and can finally get back into our world. This is really frustrating

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On 6/28/2019 at 4:28 AM, Trent said:

20 slots isn't a purchasable plan. It goes 15 -> 25 if you're getting them with credits. The plans are listed in the top post.

how can i find my server 

my server is in your server?

my minecraft is cracked i can join your server '_'

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