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  1. DucksDont

    Minehut Why

    The ads ruined the website layout...
  2. On Discord he said we was testing the marketplace.
  3. Ok I found the answer to my problem.
  4. Does anyone know if the Minehut API displays Minehuts ram usage. If so what is the link to the ram usage on the API.
  5. Please post in Community Support. https://forums.minehut.com/forum/11-community-support/
  6. Make sure one of your plugins is not doing it. And if your using worldguard make sure a flag is not set to block mobs in a region.
  7. You have to use the PC edition of Minecraft.
  8. 1st step: Follow the Discord rules.
  9. hay duck we have 29 plugins and i think we have default package 


  10. Make sure he is not banned. And make sure if whitelisting is on whitelist him. To whitelist a player do /whitelist add (Player Name)
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