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  1. feel free to add me on discord at #Georgie2611
  2. how about - you play on my classic survival server - new btw
  3. looking for some chill peeps to play mc im 15 btw
  4. fumeplays

    friends timing out

    i host the server well i own it, and when my friends try to connect they timeout... help
  5. fumeplays

    servers dont start

    its pretty straight forward
  6. "community support" so - i need community support?
  7. Everyone else is being attacked by mobs except for me - no plugins related to mobs except for 1.8.9 pvp im in front of a mob and it ignores me completely and attacks someone else no matter what -help
  8. This shit aint working man

    servers are fucked

    website is fucked

    server lobby is fucked




  9. my server is legit not starting or anything,
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