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  1. What? Unlimited players IS possible. RAM is not. Only issue is the ram usage. Unlimited players is possible, but more player equals more RAM Usage, and that means server crash in a certain point (if not enough ram)
  2. I was thinking about a plugin filter (like Installed, Unlocked or Locked) which is called "New" This would put all the new plugins that got recently added or updated, and they show up there for at least 2 or 3 weeks Another thing could fit is a "New Plugin" next to the Plugin name if it was recently added or "Updated Recently" if it was recently updates Here are some examples of how it would be! ("New Plugin" next to name) ("New" Filter)
  3. If i change to 10 slots and then buy 20 slots for 50c/d, will i have 2gb of ram or just 1gb of ram? That got me confused
  4. Go to support, this is plugin suggestions.
  5. -1, Skript-mirror is a good skript addon but it interacts with java and the server .jar and it can screw up minehut entirely so yeah better not
  6. +1 Would be great! also the plugin is updated on its main page and the last update was 5 days ago...
  7. For me, as someone that loves MythicMobs for RPG or BossFight servers, This is an essential plugin that should be on the plugins list! https://forums.skunity.com/resources/mythicmobs-skript-addon.153/ I would be happy if this can be possible! (Addon = Ability to create custom skills and conditions using skript mechanics)
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