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  1. I agree, i would also like this so we can modify mob's max health, since 2048 is the maximum. As im making a sort-of a dungeon server, which constantly gets harder and harder infinitely, mobs get over 2048 HP and return back to their normal HP value (for example, 20)
  2. Just vote every day and you'll get 500 credits in maybe less than a month, perhaps, even 725.
  3. It sounds like a great idea, but at the same time its bad. Very exploitable. Players could use a botting program to get bots in their server, and stay there for X time, gaining a lot of credits. So yeah, sorry. -1
  4. 25 credits is already fine, 40 credits its too much. There are "rarely" voting events, which you can get x2 credits for voting, But it only happened once, and never again, that's why its "rarely"
  5. +1 This could be really nice, especially when you got a friend who plays with you in minehut or someone in your server which is a trust-worthy staff.
  6. Bad bad bad idea. They could make a "gift credits" options, but you have to purchase it with real money This can be exploited in many ways, such as creating alternate accounts in minehut, using VPN to bypass the vote timer, and so on
  7. Sounds cool, i like it.
  8. Yeah not gonna happen. This beats the entire purpose of minehut's hosting service.
  9. MH20 is cheaper than daily, and monthly, and better. Imagine complaining about a free server hosting and wanting it to be cheaper than free
  10. Yeah, I know, but the limit cap its better If you are running a 1GB Server and has more than 20 plugin (for example), your server is most likely to crash anytime soon, (including online players, which also takes ram!) Thats why the limit cap is telling like "dude, i cant keep up with more than 12 plugins, buy a better plan or stay with these" also the plans arent that expensive, the daily costs 40 credits (which is 2 votes per 2 days) and the monthly 725, which is free if you have the responsability to vote every day you can (30 day vote streak) Something i would change, is free icons for everyone. The icon rotation can still be the same, but at least make them free.
  11. Am i the only to say that i like this update so far? It's like the update, where plugins were paid. but now for servers C'mon guys, See the positive way. It's still free, just with limited plugins. If you see it right, you dont actually need more than 12 plugins, only if you choose them correctly. Hear me out, here's a tip Monthly plan IS BETTER than the daily 40 credits plan Every month you'll be spending 720 credits per month with the third plan. The daily plan will make you spend 1200 credits per month with the second plan. If you vote every month, every day, without missing a day, you'll get 725 credits, just enough to afford an monthly server.
  12. I'm one of the people that, when waiting on the lobby, wishes that there was an option to just enable something to only see VIP+ messages, because seeing default messages is just.. eugh. Seeing all default messages, someone swearing, a lot of advertisements to join their server, bots, weird things, using CAPS, spamming, someone typing "ajjjjkkkjkjkfjddd" or speaking in a different language, etc. And stuff like that, makes me wish there was an option like this So maybe i'm not the only one that feels like this, and i would actually thank if this gets added If it's not, then no problem. But this is something almost everyone (with ranks) wants to see. Of course, im not saying that every default acts like this, but its just an option to prevent all of the things said above.
  13. Wdym? Do they just dissapear when placed or do they just dont work?
  14. So, we all know how rank works right? Minehut added a lot of features recently, and most of them apply better to people that have ranks. But what if someone wants to buy a rank, and only gets to see which particles do you have? My suggestion is to update that information to: VIP: Has access to 3 Favourite slots, contains 2 particle packs, Flame and Nether, Fly in lobbies, Glow as your rank colour! PRO: Has access to 5 Favourite slots (example) and so on.. I wanted to suggest this because i want to buy PRO but, i dont know what full features has, like for example, How much favourite slots does it has, and so on. Thats about it. Thank you for reading.
  15. i totally agree with this. having to pay 400 credits for 10gb of ram that is not even capable of holding 25 players. i'd at least request more ram. so yeah +1
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