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  1. It sounds like this is an issue we'll just have to wait for minehut to resolve seeing as multiple people are experiencing it. Though you are able to start up other peoples servers. First join the minehut lobby (IP is: minehut.com) then once your in enter in the command /join <name of the server> - It'll take a few minutes of starting up, and if minehut servers are having trouble (which is fairly common) it might cancel the start up process, but eventually the server will be started and you'll either be automatically sent to it or you may have to re-enter the /join command.
  2. It seems like this has been happening to a lot of users. You can appeal your ban here- and use this format to do so.
  3. You can appeal your ban here- and use this format to do so.
  4. If you have the Essentials plugin installed (you might also need a few essentials addons like EssentialsChat and Vault) you should be able to change your chat formatting by going into the File Manager tab, the in the plugins folder find the folder for Essentials. From there once you go into the config.yml file there'll be a way to put in whatever you want your chat format to be. (I believe if you have permissions plugins such as PermissionsEX or GroupManager, or other ones that affect chat in anyway will complicate things a bit more)
  5. All that you need to do to connect is put in the IP as "<server name>.minehut.gg" Otherwise you can simply do /join <server name> from the minehut lobby.
  6. Could you post the link to the video?
  7. Do you have the Create Your Own Menus plugin? If so anybody with access to creative mode can op themselves.
  8. PyroDellz

    OI OI

    @cymraeg I'd also recommend this- as I'm guessing whoever banned you for it was simply mistaken and thought it was something inappropriate for whatever reason. You can create an appeal here.
  9. You guys might wanna contact each other via discord to figure this out since I feel like it'd be easier than talking over forums posts lol.
  10. In the Home tab of your server console, go to the segment labeled "Server Command" and enter in /deop <username of the random guy> (to make them no longer an operator) then enter another command: /op <your username> (to re-op you). If they banned you as well do /unban <your username> or if you don't have the "Essentials" plugin you'll need to go to the File Manager tab, find the file called "banned-players.json" and delete the segment with your username. To try and undo the damage they did I'd recommend Contacting Minehut Support and request to have your world rolled back to before they ruined everything- otherwise in the future I'd recommend a plugin called "Core Protect" - which can be extremely helpful in undoing many things encase this ever happens again (It can't restore anything to a point before it was installed though- so it wouldn't be able to undo this) Hope everything works out, and let me know if you have any problems. (Also, before you try and undo any of the damage, I'd recommend trying to get in contact with a minehut staff- either by /msg to them in game, or via discord- and tell them about what happened as well as the usernames of the griefers, because it's against Minehut Rules to grief or destroy other peoples servers without their permission [rule #3]- and might be able to get those people banned from minehut so they can't grief anybody else's server in the future.)
  11. If you want to give new players permissions automatically when they first join do /mangaddp default <permission>
  12. Giving someone a prefix doesn't change their permissions in any way- prefixes are purely aesthetic and don't change anything other than what shows up when you say something in chat or the tab list.
  13. Because minehut has all the server's connected to one universal hub- it's unlikely mods will ever be supported.
  14. For the past month or so minehut has been having an issue with not enough server slots, and even more recently there have been many more issues surfacing that are stopping people from starting their server. If this happens again I'd recommend simply trying again at a different time.
  15. Operators will have access to all kits regardless of cooldowns, permissions, or one time use restrictions.
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