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  1. Swala_

    My server restarted

    You likely didn't save your server before restarting it. In the future, make sure to do /save-all before you stop the server, so you can be sure everything saves.
  2. They can start it up by doing /join (server name) in the lobby.
  3. Swala_

    IP address

    Try joining "minehut.com" and doing /join (your server name) when it starts up instead. Also, make sure that when you put the IP in, it's (your server name).minehut.gg
  4. Swala_

    Server commands

    Go to your console, it can be found under the Apperance section of your panel. It should look like this: Type in "/op (your username)" and hit "Send" You now have OP!
  5. Badlion has a minimap feature.
  6. Make an appeal here. Make sure you follow the format provided!
  7. @Puro_OwO You should probably lock this thread.
  8. DO NOT reset your server for minor changes such as these. To disable mob spawning, you can do "/gamerule doMobSpawning false" After you add the plugins you want, restart your server. It will shut your server down, and start it back up.
  9. @SpeedyBoy27 @mattress You both can appeal your punishments here.
  10. Swala_


    Yes, there is. You can do /seed!
  11. Swala_


    I don't believe you can /locate a biome, however you should try this!
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