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  1. I have a rather unique idea as a server, however I am not very "gifted" in skripting so I really have no clue what I'm doing. I don't think it's ever been done on minehut and I'd like to go through with it. I've had a lot of cool ideas before anyone else had but I was never able to skript them, so others got to do them before I did. An example of this is the "Expand" game mode where you start off in a 1x1 square and it expands as time goes by. So, feel free to contact me on discord if you want more details on the server, I'm tight on money, so I'm unable to pay. Sorry Discord: swal#0069
  2. Is this problem consistent? Your question only states that it has rolled back twice, each on their own day. Perhaps keep trying and then further pursue your question if it continues. it could just be a problem on Minehut's side, things tend to be a big wacky as the server is still growing pretty fast. Update us tomorrow, see if the same thing happens.
  3. Hey, Ezekia. I'm late to this topic, but I wish you the best of luck on your possible server and any servers you wish to play on. If you're good at building, perhaps you should post something in the marketplace. Hope to see you around, Swala_.
  4. Hey, Missyeru! I'm sure you're enjoying your experience, yes? Anyways, I hope to see you around every now and then on a few servers. i want your dog
  5. Swala_


    Next time please post this in the Servers section. Thanks!
  6. You could do /day to make it day. You could always get someone to make a skript, or make it yourself that'll do that.
  7. He/she was actually such a big help to me, and they're very knowledgeable about Minehut and its features.



  8. Swala_


    When you scroll down the server list, you see the signs that are enchanted to enhance visibility. I was wondering how I could do this? I have credits but I don't know how to actually do it. If someone could tell me I'd appreciate it.
  9. Only eat mashed potatoes for the rest of your life, they're good bro 1. Lead a boring life from this day onward? 2. Be reborn with all your current memories as a different baby of the opposite gender?
  10. Swala_


    Adding to what they both said, if you use pex make sure to do /pex user <name> add * to ensure you have every permission.
  11. Is it possible you could create what one might call "prefabricated", basically where if you were in a skyblock server and you wanted to buy an advanced generator, you could pay 20k within a shop gui and get a spawn egg that can then assemble the new gen?
  12. Perhaps it was more than a mere coincidence it did not let you reset. (im joking) The best option would just to get rid of the village. You can easily do this within a few minutes by using worldedit. Select the village using //pos1 and //pos2, and then simply do //cut. Then go and "//drain 10" all the water and/or lava that may have escaped. Then kill the villagers you don't want there.
  13. I'm unsure, but there's a small chance you may have a repeating command block with /butcher? Otherwise, I'm not sure. You should ask some more talented people to help you fix this problem, which is not me.
  14. It would not change the default world. If you used dropbox, do /worlds. You should see one that stands out among the rest, it should start with "ul", seeing as you uploaded it from your computer. Set your spawn within the downloaded world and go into the Minehut panel. Go to Server Properties and then Level Name. change the world name to the world that you uploaded. The name is in /worlds, as I previously said. Then stop your server and it should work.
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