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  1. Good luck to all of those who are submitting an application.
  2. The fact that two staff members reacted with Thanks to this message is rather humurous to me, for some reason. What a power move.
  3. It most likely will once a moderator stumbles upon it.
  4. Swala_


    Go to the link of whatever club you wish to leave. I don't know which one you want to leave, so I'll provide the links for every club you're in: Warzone: https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/23-warzone/ Juice WRLD: https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/56-juice-wrld/ Skript: https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/206-skript/ Minehut Events: https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/55-minehut-events/ Once you're on the club's page, look to the bottom right of their banner for the Leave Club button. I'll use the Warzone Club as an example of what this looks like. Hit Leave Clu
  5. You were most likely excessively advertising, to the point where you practically flooded chat. Although, that's just an assumption based off what I usually see in the lobby. Moderators reccommend that you advertise your server every 2-3 minutes within the lobby. Any smaller length of time in between your advertisements, and it may be seen as spam. I believe that's what happened in this specific scenario. There's no point in appealing, as it explicitly states on the Player Appeal page that you should only appeal if your punishment exceeds one week in length, unless it was 100% unfair, which in
  6. If the /difficulty command doesn't work, you could always try to change the difficulty via the panel. Go to Settings within your panel, and look for this: You can then change the difficulty to whatever you'd like, save it, and then stop + start your server so the changes go into effect.
  7. Swala_

    World Download

    Please refrain from necro-posting. By definition, necro-posting is replying to a thread which has been inactive for a month or more. I'm unable to lock the thread as I evidently don't have any authority, nor do I have permissions, however when a Moderator becomes aware, they should lock this thread, if I'm not mistaken.
  8. These are the specifics regarding the bedrock server, make sure all the information is entered in correctly. VERSION 1.16.1 CONNECT bedrock.minehut.com PORT 19132 DEVICES iOS, Android, Win10 If this does not work, contact Minehut. Bedrock support is still in beta, so there may be problems.
  9. The entirety of Minehut:
  10. They are relevant to the topic, though. I was speaking to another individual about his answer to this topic, therefore making it completely relevant. If I went off and talked about something random like pigs or something without quoting anyone, then I'd understand, yet I didn't.
  11. Swala_

    benny is a robot

    Perhaps he actually is a robot.
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