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  1. StarBunnie

    Crashing server

    You have to add a wait after a while loop: otherwise the server will crash itself
  2. Sorry didn't finish any skripts today got hung up on other stuff
  3. Hmm I could make it so you create one and then you can get a preset of this chest any only place it with all the settings of the other one
  4. On it gonna finish it tomorrow tho. With the skript you can just make any chest to a "lootchest" and add and remove items at will with a range you can set for each item individually so like "/lc add 10-15" would add the item you're holding to the target lootchest and every time it refills it adds your tool times the range you put in. So if you were holding an apple it could fill it with 12 apples for example and that at a random slot in the chest.
  5. Aaand done. I hope atleast everything should work. | Commands /clan | Lists all the commands below /clan create | Creates a clan with the configured filters /clan join | Joins a clan if it exists /clan leave | Leaves your current clan (you can't leave as owner so you'd have to delete it) /clan delete | Deletes the clan you're currently in if you're the owner of it /clan invite | Invites a player to a clan | Permissions None ;w; | Customization Clan name min. and max. length Chat prefix and highlight color Clan invit
  6. Welp I kinda started a full clans skript now with invites, bans, kicks, stats, etc. but that doesn't really fit the version you wanted so I will make yours tomorrow lol
  7. I see a small issue with that. If it's a smp server isn't there the possibility that clans just encase peoples houses and they can't do anything about it? Edit: Couldn't they just switch clans for a second destroy what they want and switch back?
  8. I'm unsure if I want to do that tbh some of their abilities are impossible or atleast very hard to make without modding. I'll see if I'm gonna tackle it in the future but it wouldn't be like the mod I can tell you that.
  9. Should I make it so people can only ban/kick the groups below them? So owner can ban all but supporters can only ban players but not moderators for example
  10. Nw all tests are done and I just coded when I took a break of learning
  11. Done. | Commands /raid | Teleports you to the location of the event /raid setstart | Sets the start location of the event | Permissions raid.setstart | Enables someone to set the start location for the event | Customization Start and end times Almost every message & chat prefix Reminder on join Command prefix can be changed | For example instead of /raid you can change it to /event | Downloads Either below or here. | Important Info! Due to me being from Germany and testing this on a localhost server the name
  12. Will do that tomorrow it's midnight for me rn and got math finals tomorrow lol
  13. All good but I think for further questions you should add me on discord so we don't spam the forums lol
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