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  1. Set the line to whatever you want and the variable to show it would be %{karma::%loop-player%}% or {karma::%player%} depends if you are using a loop or an 'on join' thing
  2. You don't need all the options, I just put them there to show you how to configure it!
  3. #Set the cooldown variable e.g '{test.cool.%player's uuid%}' to now when they run the command correctly. I hope this helped! options: prefix: &8[&7Test&8]&7 permission: test.run pm: Unknown command. Type ""/help"" for help! #Permission message ^^ ct: 15 seconds #Cooldown time ^^ command /test [<text>]: permission: {@permission} permission message: {@p} trigger: set {_test.cool} to difference between {test.cool.%player's uuid%} and now if {_test.cool} is less than {@ct}: send "{@prefix} You need to wait &8'&b%difference between {test.cool} and {@ct}%&8' &7before using this command again!" stop if arg-1 = "...": send "{@prefix} Hey, it worked!" set {test.cool.%player's uuid%} to now
  4. Oh I didn't know I could do that, thanks!
  5. command /dailyreward: trigger: set {_dr} to difference between {dr.use.%player's uuid%} and now if {_dr} is less than 86400 seconds: send "&7&l[&e&lDELAY&7&l] &cYou have already claimed this reward! please wait &7'&3%difference between {_dr} and 86400 seconds%&7'&c before using this command again." stop else: set {dr.use.%player's uuid%} to now give diamond to player send "Enjoy!" to player send "you already claimed your daily reward" command /resetdailyreward: permission: op permission message: &6No permission for that! trigger: clear {dr.use.%player's uuid%} send "daily rewards can be used again!" to player #Here!
  6. I can do this! Give me 10 minutes
  7. I don't need you to make me anything, but if you could help me make my skript work or let me know what addons I need for it to work! Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/RZ88U2F8
  8. I'm not sure if you need any addons but I don't know how to make the skript any differently sorry
  9. on damage: if attacker is a player: if victim is a player: if attacker is player: stop else: set {combattag} to 1 send "&cYou have combat tagged &4%victim%!" to attacker send "&cYou have been combat tagged by &4%attacker%!" to victim wait 15 seconds set {combattag} to 0 send "&aYou are not in combat anymore!" to attacker send "&aYou are not in combat anymore!" to victim on quit: if {combattag} is 1: kill player broadcast "&4%player% &cTried combat logging!" I'm sure this will work! But if not Lmk
  10. Well, TuSke is broken in the new update and I'm pretty sure that is the reason. I'm not 100% sure and I apologise if it is not the issue!
  11. TuSke is broken so I'm trying out Skript-Gui but I'm not sure how to format a gui slot with it (I.E I don't know how to use it at all ) So if someone could tell me how I would be grateful!
  12. Please don't necropost on a topic over 1 month inactive!
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