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  1. I wanted to make a plugin, So i made a plugin, You need the plugin skript go to /plugins/Skript/scripts Delete every file you see that you can, Then make a file called "gettingStarted.sk" and copy and paste everything below this in it, (Not the #'s) dont copy and paste this the commands - /sethome /home /day - sets it to day /night - sets it to night /bloodmoon - sets to midnight and gives 3 mins of strength /impance - makes an announcement /broadcast - makes a broadcast command /sethome: trigger: set {home.%uuid of player%} to location of block at loc
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    I feel like every server needs a /home so heres the code (Ps make sure to make a new file called "homes.sk" you also need the skript pl obv) in the files your files should look like this /plugins/Skript/scripts/homes.sk code: command /set home: trigger: set {spawn} to location of block at location of player send "set spawn to: %{spawn}%" to player command /home: trigger: teleport player to {spawn} send "Welcome back home father, Nice to see you!" to player #you can change what this says or flat out remove it.
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