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  1. StarBunnie's post in server.properties file was marked as the answer   
    Spigot is 1.17 and Paper is 1.17.1 I'm unsure if that's much of an issue but in the logs it states that it tries to load a chunk from a different version I think by just switching back to the other this issue should be resolved.
  2. StarBunnie's post in Is there a plugin to make a region in the same world specifically night? was marked as the answer   
    Worldguard has such a feature with the flag time-lock.
    To use it just type:
    /rg flag <regioname> time-lock <time in ticks>
    Time of day in ticks (between 0 and 24000) that players will see the world as while in the region. Use + or - for time relative to the world time. [Link to worldguard flag wiki]
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