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  1. Even though i never really had experience with you being active and meeting you within minehut, i always knew you were something more than an average admin. I hope you will do well after stepping down as an admin in which you brought great thinks to minehut. Thank you for what you did, cheers .
  2. This is nice, maybe make an if statement to shorten the skript
  3. I was also trying to figure out a how to create something similar to this, but this time the pets only attack enemies and not it's owner.
  4. Maybe add a way to remove lines of lore with the skript
  5. Please do not ask this in every post... I suggest asking it in the marketplace in the discord for help
  6. Sure, i haev friends that might be able to fix it.
  7. Thanks! Just take your time on this, i don't want you to stress over this
  8. I suggest using pastebin instead of putting the entire skript here, nice work anyways!
  9. after right-clicking the beacon, if the beacon has the required item amounts, then it will spawn a cave spider for the player after 3 seconds. i actually didn't mentioned from the last post, but the item amounts give points to the beacon, say an apple is 1 point, a sweet berry is 3 points. The beacon will spawn the cave spider when it has 3 points, there should also be a 2 second interval between spawning the cave spiders.
  10. So for the summoning system, i actually have an entity that spawns the cave spiders, but rn i want to use a beacon for testing purposes. It spawns the cave spiders when given 3 apples. The system where it uses 3 apples to spawn a cave spider varies on the items i want to use. Like 3 apples for a cave spider to spawn, 1 sweet berry for a cave spider to spawn, etc. I hope you get the idea.
  11. Oh i didn't realized that you were able to customize it down to the damage. If you could, I need the spiders to have 10 health but will be upgradable, so just put the default health to 10 and make it into a variable Damage also will be upgradable, so default is 1 damage, they will attack any close mobs or players, spiders getting summoned... well that's a bit tricky, i have something else that creates the spiders, so maybe summon the spider after 5 seconds if the player right clicks a beacon with 3 gold (that only that player can use once they place it) for now. Players can summon as many spiders as they want as long as they have 3 gold pieces that is given to a beacon (consumed by the beacon) Anything else needed please tell me
  12. Hmm seems interesting. I have a skript in mind that i would want someone to try creating. if you could, can you try creating cave spiders that doesn't harm the player that spawned the spiders but harms other spiders/players. Like some kind of cave spider army for each players. I am working on something that uses this idea. Discord: ItsDaKIRBY69#9460
  13. There are several reasons why many skripters will not give you a gen skript. Gen servers kinda Sucks and it doesn't help as more and more of these kinds of servers with a supposed "twist" go to the server page. If you would want to create a gen server, i wouldnt recommend it because it's not as easy as it sounds like it. I suggest thinking of a great idea that no one has created in minehut and create it instead
  14. Hello everyone. I once again wasted hours to create a skript im not event going to use. Use it however you please! Please note that i could probably be the worst skripter in minehut when it comes to actually creating something. So there might be some bugs that could occur when using this skript. Anyways, have fun. What is the skript about?: The skript is a recreation of a minigame i used to play long ago with my friends called "Find the button", the name says it all. Featured commands: /Ftb game create (game) {to create a find the button game, made it so you can create multiple games} /Ftb game spawn (game) {to set the starting location of a game, recomended you create a map with the size of a chunk and put the button in the map as a level} /Ftb game button (game) {to get the button needed to play the game} How to create a game: Start by doing /Ftb game create (game) to create a game, then set the spawn for the game by doing /Ftb game spawn (game). Get yourself the button for the game by doing /Ftb game button (game) and you're done. More helpful commands like /gamelist and /joingame {to join a game} are in the skript. Helpful notes: Might be a good idea to make the games in a box like i mentioned and place the button inside as a level. Do not remove the button when placed because players won't be able to finish the game, so if that happens, get the button for the game again. Removal of games are in the skript. /Ftb game delete (game) This is my second time creating something like this. There will be bugs, ofc, and it might not be the greatest re-creation, this is just for fun. Pastebin for skript: https://pastebin.com/W5URQJvK If there is any suggestions on how i can improve, don't hesitate to tell me!
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