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  1. Or just "give player's tool to player"
  2. Toro

    I'm back

    Welcome back!
  3. Toro

    List of Ranks

    Does anyone know the WHOLE list of ranks on minehut?
  4. Toro

    Discord Down

    Indeed. Status page is back up.
  5. Hey back, I'm Toro. Anyway, it's nice to see that you've come back.
  6. You are executing that as console, not as the player. Do this instead: execute player command "/menu open %player% MShop"
  7. I might add some options later on, to change the blocks, what currency and stuff like that.
  8. I mean, has anyone killed another person to start the scoreboard? e.g have you killed someone so that it'd show up on the sidebar?
  9. Hey! So basically, I created a gem system. Included with a upgrade command, tags, reaction based on what level block you are up to and more. Players start off with emerald ores (right click), then upgrade to diamond then to pumpkin. If you do /gems, there will be a list of admin commands and normal player commands. If there are any bugs, from game breaking to colour code mistakes, please reply and notify me! Thanks. Have fun! Gems Code (pastebin) Reactions add-on (also pastebin) Tags add-on + crates add-on (not completed, tell me if you want me to add more tags, and
  10. Yeah, I was gonna use variables, but I dunno why I changed it last second.
  11. Toro

    Do you remember...

    Remember how I was mod ka-dab
  12. And, 1 thing; for /rank list, I mistakenly had SR.MOD there twice. Sorry.
  13. Ranks is a skript which creates ranks with a prefix in the chat. That's basically it. # Note: np = No permission. p = Prefix. options: np: &6&lRANKS &8| &cNo permission. p: &6&lRANKS &8| command /rank [<text>] [<offline player>] [<text>]: permission: ranks.rank permission message: {@np} aliases: grant, setrank trigger: if argument 1 is not set: send "&6&m&l--------------------------------------------------" send "&e/rank set (player) (rank) &8» &7Sets a pla
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